Is the Fortnite OG Map returning? | All Hints, Rumors, and Leaks So Far

Is the Fortnite OG Map returning All Hints, Rumors, and Leaks So Far - Featured

Before the year ends, it seems Epic Games has something epic planned for Fortnite players. The latest hints, rumors, and leaks point at the Fortnite OG map returning in Chapter 4 Season 5, leaving many players excited as this may mean many things. However, we can’t help but wonder how Epic Games will pull off a feat like this, especially with how loaded the current Island in the battle royale is.

Is the Fortnite OG Map returning?

Over the past weeks, many hints have pointed at the OG map making a comeback in the next season. One of the first hints was a loading screen featuring a time machine with the following date: 2018 07 12.

As many players pointed out, this was the release date for Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5. Though this may not mean much, Epic Games is known for being the Taylor Swift of video games with the way they just casually drop in hints about any upcoming events, collaborations, or projects in the game.

Story-wise, it seems that Kado Thorne is definitely doing significant damage to the current timeline in Fortnite. There have also been talks about Chapter 4 Season 5 releasing either in November or December, so it would only make sense that we’re returning three Chapters earlier.

More hints about the Fortnite OG map returning are elements from Chapter 1 starting to show up around the map. This further proves that there really is something going on with the timeline, and it will only be a matter of time before we see more changes to the current Fortnite map.

Even the billboard in Mega City teases the possibility of the Fortnite OG map making a comeback soon.

Though the original Fortnite map is returning, it doesn’t mean that we’re back to square one. As a way of keeping things fresh and not just reusing old content, we would see different timelines clashing as a result of something going wrong with the time machine.

The great Avengers Endgame hint

Possibly one of the biggest and mindblowing hints at the Fortnite OG map returning was in Avengers Endgame. Most of the events in the Marvel movie took place in 2023, and at one point, when they try getting Thor back on the team, it shows the god of thunder playing Fortnite and losing to another player called Noobmaster.

However, one detail we may have missed while watching the movie was the current season of Thor’s Fortnite game. Despite taking place in 2023, Thor was playing Chapter 1 of Fortnite. Did Epic plant this easter egg right under our noses or was it all a coincidence?

With the Fortnite OG map returning, who knows what else is in store for us? Aside from the nostalgic feelings it may bring, we have our fingers crossed for a chance to get the earlier cosmetics or previous Battle Pass skins we may have missed.

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