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The NBA is getting shaky with the possible movement of two of the best players in the league today – Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Durant had already requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets’ front office. Meanwhile, Kyrie opted for his player option for the Nets, but, the All-Star point guard might also be out of Brooklyn for good after KD’s trembling decision.

In line with all of this, Kyrie is already in talks for a possible sign-and-trade that will bring him to the Los Angeles Lakers. Rumors are spreading throughout the organization that this blockbuster trade could already be done deal, or is it?

All Roads Lead to Los Angeles

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Remember the famous saying, “All roads lead to Rome”? Well, for Kyrie, it seems that all roads are leading to the Los Angeles Lakers

Last month, the hopes of landing Kyrie in Hollywood came to an end after the 30-year-old point guard decided to exercise his player option. But, after KD’s surprising trade request, L.A. could be up there again in pursuit of a Kyrie-LeBron-Davis trio.

It’s an open secret that Kyrie and the Lakers have a mutual feeling about each other. Kyrie wants to play with them, and L.A. wants him on their roster, too. Aside from that, LeBron has stated he wants Kyrie on his team and will “give him the keys” if he ever joins them. This trade is going to be huge and it will not be an easy road for both parties. However, to get Kyrie, the Lakers will have to get rid of either Russell Westbrook or Anthony Davis. In which, we know who the Lakers are willing to part ways with (*cough* Russ *cough*).

It is also pretty obvious that LBJ wants to win right now. Last season, the team failed big time to even reach the Playoffs. Russell Westbrook was being tossed by NBA fans about whether he is a good fit for the Lakers or not. On the other hand, Anthony Davis is constantly injured and goes in and out of rotation. While LeBron is still his usual superstar self, he is already aging.

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Kyrie to The Lakers Is Done

According to unanimous reports, a trade surrounding Kyrie to the Lakers was almost made last week. While we do now know if an agreement went through, this means that the Lakers and Nets are already negotiating with each other.

Moreover, just last week, Kyrie Irving suddenly purchased a $3.7 Million mansion in Los Angeles. With that purchase, he adds even more spark to the already ongoing rumor that he will be playing again alongside LeBron.

However, let’s not get our hopes too high. This could be just an investment by the superstar athlete, but due to the timing of purchase, wouldn’t it be bad to assume that he’s onto something? Also, players who buy properties in a certain location end up – more often than not – playing in that city’s basketball team.

Fans will just have to wait for a few more days until a final decision is announced. Until then, we’re going to look at how the Nets are handling this situation, now that KD and Irving seem to want out of the team.

Are we going to see another LeBron and Kyrie team-up? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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