Final Destination 6

We are immediately going to answer your question – YES! Yes, there is going to be a sixth Final Destination film according to the producers. The news of a Final Destination 6 being made came out in 2019 and was confirmed by the producers and series creator Jeffrey Reddick in 2020. However, the pandemic struck and halted production. It was only recently that they began filming again.

Release date and cast

Although the film is already confirmed, the release date and official cast members are not yet shared with the public. However, the showrunners are already informed. Final Destination 6 will be helmed by Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein, the directors of Freaks and Kim Possible. Moreover, the movie’s script will be written by Guy Busick and Lori Evans Taylor. Meanwhile, the MCU Spider-Man trilogy director, Jon Watts, will be co-producing the film alongside Dianne McGunigle.

Final Destination 6 plot

The previous Final Destination films followed an eerily similar formula: A group of random people was able to cheat death after a chosen one gets premonitions of their untimely demise. In exchange for their borrowed time, these people will die a horrible death.

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The first and the fifth film followed this scheme. Plus, Final Destination 5 completed a full circle when its ending scene was actually the beginning of Final Destination 1. However, one of the showrunners, Jeffrey Reddick, told Dread Central in an earlier interview:

“I will say that it’s not just going to be another kind of ‘we set up a group of people, they cheat death, and then just death gets them. And there’s one wrinkle that we kind of added to every movie to kind of like change it up a little bit. This one is a true Final Destination movie, but it doesn’t follow that kind of formula that we’ve kind of established. I think I can say that much.”

Although this hint still does not bring us to anything, isn’t that a great addition to an already beloved franchise? You also might want to look at this fan-made poster which shows the film is set on a Cruise ship. People with thalassophobia (fear of the ocean) are probably freaking out right now!

On a side note, a “Five Nights at Freddy’s” film is already confirmed

The popular horror videogame of the same name now gets a movie adaptation starring Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games) and Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo).

Blumhouse, owned by Jason Blum, will be producing the movie and according to him, production will begin on February 2023. A release date is yet to be announced.

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