The recent barrage of changes in WWE has left many shocked. Vince McMahon pulled a political maestro move by inhibiting the board members from getting him back as the chairperson. Now, Vince has made some tremendous changes to the company – including the rumors that Vince McMahon Sold WWE to Saudi Arabia. Here’s how the #WWESold originated in Twitter.

To understand things, let us understand Vince’s return back into WWE after he retired a year earlier.

How Vince McMahon returned as the Executive Chair/Head of WWE Creative

Vince McMahon WWE Return
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At the onset of this terrific move lies what the company has been describing as a strategic economic retreat. The retreat is apparently done prior to the renewal of WWE’s media rights.

The chess he played against the WWE Executive Board

Why is Vince McMahon back in WWE
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  • What that translates to in your normal English is that for all the streaming and broadcasting networks to keep on showing WWE, the media rights need to be renewed.
  • At such an important moment for the company, Vince McMahon barged in by saying that he won’t approve of any such networking arrangements unless he supervises it himself.

What did that do? That forced the Board Members to accept the Founder of the company back as members of the Executive board. And this is one year after Vince McMahon retired from the same board.

Has Vince McMahon sold WWE to Saudi Arabia?

It seems the old man’s time away from his chair has not been much fruitful. The lust for the company’s seat may have remained stuck with him. Tattooed into his soul. Now that he is back, and he is back as the executive chairperson on top of that – he’s made some tremendous changes. Changes that’s led to the trending of #WWESold in Twitter.

Ex- CEO and Chairwoman, Stephanie’s resigned

  1. After Vince McMahon retired, his daughter Stephanie McMahon took over as the Chairwoman and CO-CEO of the WWE Company.
    1. Along with her husband Triple H and Nick Khan. But recently, with the return of her big daddy back into the game, she’s retired. Stepping down as the Chairwoman and CO-CEO.
  2. Currently, the shareholders of the company feel pressed. For there are these yearly sales that need to be executed. Also, the network distribution needs to be sorted.

Vince McMahon has *reportedly* sold the company and made it private

WWE sold to Saudi Arabia
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The changes range firstly economic but also feel political. WWE has been a public company for quite a while. In a report by Steven Muehlhausen, a reporter from DAZN Wrestling, we find the following information –

  1. Vince McMahon has stirred the company away from the public stock market. Now it’s back to being business. And a private one at that. Vince has been the majority shareholder of the company.

Soon after this, rumors began surfacing on the internet. Hashtag #WWESold overtook Twitter trends once people heard that Vince McMahon Sold WWE.

Is WWE Sold to Saudi Arabia? 

  • As reported by DAZN, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund has bought the WWE.  Newcastle’s Saudi Arabian owners have purchased the WWE from Vince McMahon, according to reports.

Vince McMahon is also likely to return as head of creative of WWE. What’s notable is that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment fund bought Newcastle back in 2021.

Although that’s what DAZN has reported, we will still not confirm anything before WWE officially recognizes this move. So far there’s no official confirmation yet. #WWESold had stirred down now, but it’s not over yet.

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