Is Young M.A’s life in danger after liver failure concerns? Rapper reacts to viral “yellow eyes” video

Rapper Young M.A addressed fans’ concerns over her health after a video of her “yellow eyes” went viral. It featured her in a barber shop as the whites of her eyes seemed yellow in color, which led to speculations of liver or kidney failure. Her fans were quick to express their shock and concern on social media, and now the rapper has responded with a statement on her health.

The 30-year-old Brooklyn-based rapper admitted in her latest Instagram post that she has been dealing with various personal health issues in the last few years. However, she did not provide any details on her “several ailments.” Young M.A also said she had spent some time in the hospital recently and was on the road to recovery.

Young M.A yellow eyes viral video health
Image courtesy of Young M.A

The OOOUUU singer reassured her fans that everything about her health will be explained in her music. She also confirmed that there is a documentary in the works. The news has seemingly calmed her fans down as the viral video raised massive concerns over Young M.A’s health.

Young M.A’s barber shares video of her yellow eyes

In the middle of a haircut session, Young M.A’s barber shared a video of her where her eyes were alarmingly yellow in color, which can be a sign of jaundice. This can be fatal, if not treated properly. Young M.A’s fans were immediately alarmed that her life was in danger. 

The barber responded to backlash from fans for sharing the video on a public platform. He claimed that he recorded the video with Young M.A’s consent and spoke about how they are good friends with each other. 

Are Young M.A’s yellow eyes a result of her drinking habits?

Jaundice occurs when there is an excess of bilirubin, a yellowish substance, in the blood that is not being properly removed by the liver. Social media users began to speculate that the rapper’s condition is a result of her drinking habits

Young M.A had used alcohol to deal with her mental health problems in the past. She had admitted to drinking an entire bottle of Absolut vodka just to cry her heart out. Excessive drinking can lead to liver cirrhosis, for which yellow eyes are visible symptoms.

In 2021, Young M.A had reportedly checked into rehab. However, it’s unclear if it was for drug abuse or alcoholism. Her song lyrics often point to the latter.

Social media reactions to Young M.A’s yellow eyes viral video

Young M.A, whose real name is Katorah Marrero, has developed a significant fanbase for herself in a short span of time. Her fans have voiced their concerns on social media for her health.

Young M.A is an openly gay rapper, and has been praised for her representation of the LGBTQ+ community in her music. In a male-dominated rap industry, her success is crucial for breaking gender norms.

Fans pray for her speedy recovery as Young M.A is sure to continue making waves in the music industry for years to come.

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