IShowSpeed shares latest update on Cluster Headaches | Fans React

IShowSpeed shares latest update on Cluster Headaches | Fans React - IShowSpeed

People from all over the world were looking at popular streamer IShowSpeed with concerned eyes after he was rushed to the hospital with a terrible headache. Later, he informed his audience that he was suffering from a condition called cluster headaches. After a few days under medical care, Darren Watkins aka IShowSpeed has shared the latest updates with us about his current condition. We will be examining those updates, but first, let’s take a look at how it all started.

What Happened to IShowSpeed?

The Youtuber was recently in Japan to watch the friendly football match between PSG and Al-Nassr. From there, he live streamed his interaction with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Neymar Jr. Initially, he was in a lively mood, continuing to make over-the-top content throughout his time in the country.

  • However, towards the end of July, he began to suffer from a painful headache with a severely swollen eye. IShowSpeed had to seek intensive medical care as according to him, the pain was unbearable. There, he was diagnosed with a disease called the cluster headaches.
  • His face also appeared highly disfigured with bandages on his head and a gravely bloated eye. Because of the condition, he was expected to undergo a surgery.

  • Speed posted a video across social media asking his fans to support him during the tough time. He also made it clear that he was enduring an extreme amount of pain and hoped to get back to his normal life as soon as possible.

Hospital Stream and the Latest Update on IShowSpeed’s Cluster Headache

From the hospital, he initiated a live stream to celebrate the milestone of achieving 19 million subscribers on YouTube. It seemed in the stream that he had recovered quite a bit from before. His appearance was also getting better.

  • According to reports, he did not require surgery after being scanned with an MRI. He just had a bacterial infection which could be cured with medication.

From the latest updates, we got to know that he is discharged from the hospital. His father has confirmed that he is back home in the USA after taking a flight from Japan.

Judging from recent pictures, IShowSpeed’s facial appearance has almost returned to normal. It is evident that he is on the road to recovery. Fans are expecting him to get back soon to his usual self and start streaming like before.

Fans react to the news

IShowSpeed shares latest update on Cluster Headaches | Fans React - Comments
Courtesy of Barca Legion via YouTube

The fans are naturally happy with Speed’s improving condition and they are wishing him a speedy recovery. One fan is particularly thankful for the advanced healthcare that he received in Japan.

IShowSpeed shares latest update on Cluster Headaches | Fans React
Screengrab Courtesy of Doctor Mike via YouTube
  • Another individual thinks that the rushed lifestyle and lack of rest might be the cause behind this situation. He hopes for the streamer to relax and take it easy for a while.
Courtesy of Speedy HQ via Twitter
  • More supportive comments can be seen on Twitter where his fans are thankful and hoping for him to get back to streaming soon.

These were the latest updates on IShowSpeed’s condition of cluster headaches. We hope that he completely recovers from it and gets back to his cheerful self.

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