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Twitter is being flooded by a divided fanbase after It’s Showtime’s host Vice Ganda blatantly disrespected co-host Karylle on air. Fans of Karylle are calling out Vice Ganda due to her unacceptable treatment towards the female Filipino singer.

The banter began when Karylle talked to Vice about another co-host’s concern regarding exposure. Read below for the full conversation.

Karylle: “Vice, may request si Vhongskie (Vhong Navarro). Kasi last time nagre-rehearse siya sa umaga, tapos binigay mo sa iba yung kanta niya.”

Vice Ganda replied: “Anong problema natin Karylle?”

Karylle responded: “Hindi, natatawa lang kami kasi isang buwan, pinraktis daw niya.”

Vice Ganda with a slight change of tone: “O, e, di sana kinanta mo.”

Karylle awkwardly handling the situation: “Sa bawat sulok daw ng bahay niya pinraktis niya.”

To which VG ended the conversation by saying “O, okay na yan, Karylle.”

Followers of Karylle and the noontime show aren’t absolutely happy with Vice Ganda’s reaction

Since the incident, the banter has been the talk of the town and have circulated the internet for a while. It also has been the top trending topic on Twitter (Philippines). Some fans considered Vice Ganda as a prolific entertainer but she sometimes goes too much. Netizenz have already believed she is disrespecting Karylle live on television. Add that with how much Karylle does not deserve to be treated that way, a lot of people are infuriated.

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However, meme Vice Ganda has since apologized for her inappropriate actions towards Karylle. VG posted a tweet regarding the recent incident and addressed her public apology, but in the most Vice Ganda way possible.

The latest interaction between the hosts spark an unpopular concern – lack of exposure

What Karylle and Vice talked about is a result of other hosts – especially the pioneers – not getting enough screen time anymore.

It's Showtime

The popular noontime show has been running for more than a decade now. It started back in 2009 and was led by Vice Ganda, Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis, Kim Atienza, Jugs Jugueta, and Teddy Corpuz. After 3 seasons, the show adds two more hosts, Billy Crawford and Karylle. It’s pretty obvious that Karylle is one of the original faces of the show. However, in recent seasons and episodes, Karylle and most of the pioneers are getting less exposure. With the addition of Kim Chiu, Jackie Gonzaga, Ion, MC, Lassy, at Cianne Dominguez, – who happens to be close friends of VG – it is inevitable.

Viewers have petitioned to give the pioneers more time. In addition to that, fans strongly disagree with the addition of the new hosts. Despite that, It’s Showtime still continues to entertain Filipinos and are still standing strong.

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