ITZY Lia shares Handwritten Letter after Hiatus Announcement; What happened?

ITZY Lia takes a hiatus to focus on health

ITZY Lia has written a heartfelt letter to her fans after the announcement that she will take a break from all upcoming activities. The star began her career with JYP Entertainment’s globally trendy girl group ITZY in 2019 and has since dedicated herself to the music. However, the hectic schedules have taken a toll on her health, due to which she is going on a temporary hiatus. Read ahead to find out more about the complete story and fans’ reactions.

JYPE announces ITZY Lia’s temporary hiatus

On Monday, September 19, the Korean artist’s managing label, JYP Entertainment, released an official statement announcing the temporary hiatus of ITZY Lia. The statement touched upon the singer’s mental health, affecting her overall health and making it hard for her to continue her schedule.

“ITZY Lia is currently suffering from extreme levels of nervousness and anxiety about continuing her schedule,” the agency explained. They further shared that the WANNABE singer went through medical checkups and received advice to rest and focus on her recovery.

ITZY’s main vocalist won’t be participating in any upcoming group schedules for the time being. Lia will take adequate rest and return on a future date, which will be decided after consulting with her and the members of ITZY.

ITZY Lia shares a handwritten letter to MIDZY

After the announcement of Lia’s temporary hiatus, she wrote a letter to MIDZYs reassuring them of her health. The letter touched upon her thoughts and shared her condition while expressing gratitude towards her fans. Read the complete letter below:

“Hello MIDZYs, I think our dear MIDZY must have felt shocked by the recent news. Whenever I am even mildly unwell, it is our fans that worry the most. So, I was concerned that you guys will be sad and hurt from today’s announcement,” the 23-year-old singer wrote.

Despite this, she wasn’t worried; she knew her fans understood her best and trusted her. She was capable of taking this course, knowing that MIDZYs would wait for her. ITZY Lia also reminisced about six years with her members and thanked her fans for making it possible.

  • She also shares how, during this time, she gained many memories and overcame various struggles before unbearing her realization that she’s been losing herself in the process of running forward. Despite that, she highlights that she wishes to return to provide more love and happiness to her fans.
  • For which she decided to first love herself and fill herself during this hiatus. Lastly, she thanks her fans again and promises to regain her health and return to them soon.

MIDZY reacts

The fans of ITZY Lia shared their concerns and comforted the star during this challenging time. They also reassured the artist that they would wait for her to return after recovering and supported her decision with empathy. Read some of their reactions below.

  • ITZY is a five-member girl group including Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. They debuted in 2019 and soon rose to fame with their message of self-acceptance and love. They secured their place as a trendy K-pop idol group with catchy choreographies and impressive music. Some of their famous tracks are Dalla Dalla, Not Shy, WANNABE, and CAKE.

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