Ja Morant assaults highschool student

It seems that Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant can’t catch a break. In just a matter of weeks, numerous reports and controversies surrounded the 23-year-old basketball player. Following the controversies surrounding the perennial all-star, another case resurfaces on the internet. A report was discovered that he and his family harassed and even assaulted a high school student last year.

Ja Morant and his family were accused of harassing and assaulting a high school student last year

According to a police report obtained by TMZ, Ja Morant’s family was investigated by the Germantown Police Department after an altercation between the Morants and a high school student. After a girls’ volleyball game at Houston High School (Tennessee) where Ja Morant’s younger sister (Teniya Morant) currently attends, a ruckus took place between Teniya and a fellow unnamed male high schooler.

September 22, 2022, at around 7 pm, Teniya was jawing with another student inside the school’s gym.

As told by the witnesses, they have been arguing and witnesses heard them call each other a “b-tch”. Shortly after, the Morants, Ja, Jamie (mother), Tee (father), and Ja’s daughter as well as some of Ja’s male crew came to the gym and looked for the student Teniya quarreled with. Jamie Morant allegedly shouted to the stands “Which one of ya’ll called her a b-tch?”, as told by some witnesses. The cops responded to the altercation after receiving a call and tried to calm the situation. They barred Jamie from entering the stands by saying “can not come upstairs and confront the students and they did not need to make a scene at the school.”

However, things were getting out of hand after one of Ja’s male confidants moved past the police and tried to take away the other student’s phone after an attempt to capture Ja Morant during the altercation. According to the report made by the officers, the unknown man threatened by saying “I don’t care about none of that, I will beat y’alls ass”. In addition to that, some witnesses claim they have seen that the same man tried to “pull out a gun”. This was later on denied by the cops. Due to the incident, Germantown PD looked into the Morants and investigated their actions for possible assault and intimidation. Plus, the mother of the student the Morants allegedly harassed wanted to file a lawsuit against the basketball star (including his family) but no case was charged.

What is Ja Morant’s status in the team?

Ja Morant is currently away from the Memphis Grizzlies. It was initially reported that he will be away from the team for 2 games. This was then changed and according to reports, Morant will be out for at least another 4 games.

Ja was investigated by the Glendale Police Department after a video of him flashing a gun in a nightclub in Colorado went viral. Although the 2-time NBA All-Star was cleared of any criminal charge, the NBA is still looking at Ja’s case. There was even a rumor that Ja may receive a 50-game suspension following the controversial gun video. But, it was later confirmed to be fake news. However, with the league’s rules and regulations of carrying a firearm, there is a great chance Ja Morant would receive a penalty of the same magnitude.

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