Ja Morant cleared of charges by the cops: When is he returning to the NBA?

Just recently, Ja Morant has been under fire after a series of controveries surrounded the 23-year-old superstar. The Memphis Grizzlies’ star point guard had been under investigation by the police and the NBA for a controversial gun video last week. However, the investigation has come to a close, with the police declining to press charges against Morant. With the legal hurdles out of the way, people are wondering about Morant’s possible return to the court. So when can we expect to see the dynamic point guard back in action?

The police said that there will be no charges against Ja Morant following the infamous gun video

Glendale Police Department (Colorado) decided not to press charges against the two-time All-Star. As reported, the authorities “did not find enough evidence” to file a case against the NBA star.

“In this case, it should be noted that on the night in question the GPD did not receive any calls for service at the nightclub regarding a weapon of any type,” Glendale PD informed. “Subsequently, no disturbances were reported, and no citizens of patrons of the club came forward to make a complaint. The investigation also concluded that no one was threatened or menaced with the firearm and in fact no firearm was ever located.”

Ja Morant’s return is still unknown

Morant is still away from the team but the Grizzlies hasn’t informed on his possible return. However, shortly after the news came out that Morant won’t face criminal charges, his team announced that he will not be playing for at least four (4) games. That means he won’t be available for the games against the Warriors on March 9, a back-to-back matchup against the Mavericks on March 11 and 13, and a battle with the Miami Heat on March 15.

“Ja Morant will continue to remain away from the team for at least the next four games,” the Memphis Grizzlies front office told the media.

Contrary to the fake news spreading across the internet that Morant will receive a 50-game suspension from the NBA, his team (Memphis Grizzlies) and the NBA has not made that kind of decision. Furthermore, there is no definite timetable for Ja Morant’s return to the league. Since the incident, the all-star has already apologized but has deactivated his social media accounts.

Last week, an existing lawsuit against Ja Morant resurfaced which involves an assault of a 17-year-old and allegedly threatens with a gun

Once again, serious allegations are surrounding the Memphis Grizzlies superstar point guard Ja Morant. Accusations are resurfacing against Morant in which he allegedly punched a 17-year-old teenager in a basketball pickup game in his home in Memphis last year. The boy and his mother failed a lawsuit last September 2022 and the case has been kept from the public eye. The news was reported by The Washington Post last week, following Morant and his crew’s altercation in Indiana.

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