Jake Paul vs Salt Papi; Who will win?

Jake Paul vs Salt Papi, who will win

Anybody who wants to get knocked down in about hmm, 30 seconds? Kind of not expecting that, are we? But it’s possible, someone did that… someone named Salt Papi did that. Oh, he shook the boxing watchers on what he did during his last game. The TikTok star turned boxer has a lot of taunting in his veins, which reminds us of someone familiar. Got it? Jake Paul. And maybe his brother, Logan, wanted him to fight the new fighter in the ring. So… Jake Paul vs Salt Papi, who will win? Stay with us here!

Logan Paul on Jake Paul vs Salt Papi

On the August 27th fight of Busta Breezie aka Salt Papi versus Andy Warski, while watching on the sidelines, Logan remembered his brother. He wanted his brother to fight Salt Papi who brought Warski down in less than 30 seconds, 29 to be exact when the match was officially stopped. Watch the short clip here, oh we mean the full match care of DAZN Boxing.

  • Logan drops an interesting tweet containing “salt papi vs. jake paul” on August 28th. Here’s his Tweet.

  • And fans we’re up for this one. Saying they could imagine both in the ring for a boxing bout. Although, in many of the replies under Logan’s tweet, they are rooting for the opposite camp’s win aka Salt Papi. Most saying that Papi could easily knock out Jake Paul, in the first round even.
  • Very few fans root for a Jake Paul win though, may be based on experience, he’s better. What do you think would happen if these two match up?
  • Also, we’re quite positive that Logan Paul wants his younger brother to ring and bring Salt Papi to a match. In an interview with FightHype, they made him rank on the influencer boxing list. He may have chosen his brother first but swerved when the interviewer said Salt Papi should be part of the list. Logan ranked Salt Papi first, followed by Jake Paul, then Deji at third.

Salt Papi’s No.1, Jake Paul is No.2, Deji’s No.3 and he’s going to knock out Floyd Mayweather, that’s a fact.” – Logan Paul

Paul x Papi, who will win?

None of the camps have taken this bait yet, we’ll have to wait and see. However, we’ll talk about Salt Papi’s start here.
  • If you’re curious about Jake Paul’s start, his standing, and his fights, you may read over this one. His fight with Anderson Silva is coming, so we can look forward to that as of now.
Jake Paul
Photo Courtesy of Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images via Hypebeast
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Salt Papi

The TikTok star rose to fame during the height of the pandemic around January 2021. He was known for his comedic videos, and then later on his healthy journey including his boxing career. He has a Filipino background but was born and raised in England.

Salt Papi tiktok
Screengrab Image Courtesy of @theofficialsaltpapi via TikTok
  • Salt Papi started his pro boxing career on March 5th, 2022 against Hamad Khan which he won. Followed by his latest and hottest win via 29-sec KO against Andy Warski.
  • One question, should he go up against Jake Paul?


  • To be honest this is quite a match to look forward to. Jake Paul has a 5-0 standing victory, 2 via TKO, 2 via KO, and 1 via split decision. He’s running up next against the UFC legend, Anderson Silva, we’ll see where that will go.
  • As for Salt Papi, the two exemplary wins are enough for him to mark his name on the influencer boxing list.  A unanimous decision on the first, and a convincing and deadly knockout on the second, respectively.
Jake Paul Name Salt Papi
25 Age 28
6’1″ Height (ft) 5’10”
187 (possibly during the Silva match) Weight (lb) 180
76″ Reach 73″

Thoughts on who will win in Jake Paul vs Salt Papi

Honestly, I’m still torn on who to pick who would win this match. But I guess, I should just drop it here, right? I’d give it to Jake Paul. The guy’s younger and more experienced in the ring. Jake had a few more matches up with boxers who had much more experience than these newly added boxers on the list.

  • Jake has a lot to offer, the potential is there, if he’d ever beat THE Silva next, that’s something to brag about (well, even if Silva is way past his prime, but still). The Paul vs Papi would probably extend to the last round, maybe via unanimous decision on Paul. A lucky shot to KO Salt Papi is possible, but lesser chance.

jake paul vs salt papi

  • I’m not closing any possibilities though. I’m not saying that Papi stands no chance at all, he could, but I’m leaning toward a Paul win for this one. Although from the showoff that Papi made during his recent match, he’s going to blow up soon in the ring, we’ll wait for that. Just consistent training and ring matches to enhance his record and experience, he’d be good to face off the youngster.

That’s all we have now, folks! Who’s your bet on this possible match?

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