James Gunn to lead DC Studios: What to expect?

James Gunn to lead DC Studios: What to expect?

The DCEU might finally be having a facelift and change in governance after numerous attempts to garner their audiences with our beloved childhood superheroes, maybe some compelling storylines, and awesome visual and sound effects that package these stories, hats off to that.

In recent news, DCEU (now DC Studios) will now be spearheaded by none other than James Gunn, director of the Guardians of the Galaxy Series, The Suicide Squad, Super, and Peacemaker.

James Gunn to lead DC Studios: What to expect?
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Together with producer Peter Safran (Aquaman, Shazam, and the upcoming Blue Beetle), they will be taking office on November 1, 2022, replacing Walter Hamada. So, what will we expect now that we know DC will be in good hands? Let’s see the possibilities.

More compelling storylines

First off, we have seen the works of James Gunn and that is evident in the Guardians franchise. Some praise him for his Guardians 3 script. How much more when the movie comes out?

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With him taking over, we can expect depth in the storytelling of the DC superheroes, moving forward. A compelling backstory that does not go far from the source material has been one of Gunn’s strongest suits. (I mean, who would have thought that Peter Quill’s father is  a planet?)

More comic but believable CGI, sound, and visuals

James Gunn knows how to play with his toys. He kills audio and visuals in a way we think is impossible but he makes it believable. It is eyegasmic!

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Let’s name a few… The Power Stone scene in Guardian Vol. 1, the time jump scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 made us laugh hard, Yondu’s command of the Yaka Arrow in Volume 1 and Volume 2 and let us not forget, the cringing feeling when we see Harley swimming inside Starro’s big eye in The Suicide Squad. It just makes us want to watch these movies again. Don’t you think?

We will expect a variety of good shows from the DC franchise. It will keep us at the edge of our seats with James Gunn seeing these come to fruition.

Carrying out the franchise for 10 years and more

James Gunn’s superhero experience and proven track record of thrilling superhero fans make him most qualified to take this role.

James Gunn to lead DC Studios: What to expect?
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The separation between the studios is no longer seen as competition (if it ever was before?). Both become co-existing entities that deliver sought-after content from movies, series, and animation to arc the dynamics of each character. 

Hopefully, with this, we are done with one hero portrayed by multiple actors (unless, of course, it leads to another Crisis on Infinite Earths, but a movie event this time).

James Gunn can definitely do all that. With his wits, love for the comic book genre, inspirations and most of all, the support from his fans, DC Studios will never be the same again.

Characters from these comic books hold a dear place in our sweet, innocent hearts. We are in that era wherein what we see on the pages is no longer impossible to be brought to life.

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