James Reid's Soft Launch Turns Sour as Instagram Post with Issa Pressman Sparks Cheating Accusation

Hmm, soft launch went wrong or not? On March 17, James Reid and Issa Pressman stirred up social media after sharing their photos on Instagram from the Harry Styles’ Love on Tour concert in the Philippines. The rumored couple’s photos quickly spark previous cheating accusations and the internet overflowed with reactions. Here’s what happened and what netizens have been saying about it.

James Reid and Issa Pressman were known to be in the same circle of friends as Nadine Lustre. Currently, James Reid co-founded Careless Music, while Issa Pressman is an entrepreneur herself. Their soft launch may have caused a whirlwind of reactions all over Twitter which brought back James Reid’s cheating rumors.

James Reid and Issa Pressman’s Soft Launch

The rumored couple shared separate posts on Instagram, both featuring photos from the concert, which was held at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. James posted a series of photos on Instagram, including snaps of his Gucci outfit.

  • What caught the netizens’ attention was a video with Issa Pressman singing along to Harry Styles’ hit song “Watermelon Sugar”. But there’s more — a photo of Issa taking his picture.

Issa’s post, on the other hand, included photos of herself, and her enjoying the concert with James. But the last one in the post hooked everyone’s attention. In it, James is seen holding her hand in a mirror selfie.

James Reid Issa Pressman, instagram, cheating accusation
Image Courtesy of Issa Pressman via Instagram (@pressmanissa)

Netizens’ mixed reactions, ignite cheating accusation

After the two shared their photos on Instagram, netizens quickly expressed their opinions. While some congratulated them, many expressed their disappointment and dismay, with some even suggesting that James cheated on Nadine Lustre, his ex-girlfriend.

Many netizens recalled the issue that arose in 2020 when rumors circulated that Issa was the third party in the JaDine (James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s love team) split. Nadine’s fans and supporters pointed out how James had allegedly cheated on her with Issa. They also brought up the fact that Yassi Pressman, Issa’s sister, defended her when the cheating rumors surfaced.

On the other hand, some fans expressed their support for James and Issa. Their posts have earned comments with happiness from fans. Many also mentioned Nadine’s new relationship and said that James deserved to be happy too.

Famous personalities also shared their reactions to the news. Singer Leila Alcasid commented on James’ post, saying “Cuteee,” while Alyana Asistio wrote, “So kiligggg.” Other influencers and fans also shared their thoughts on the issue, congratulating the couple and wishing them the best.

Could this be a Careless Music cover-up?

The recent hot topic, Liza Soberano, has been the talk of the town, but it seems like a rumored couple might have just stolen the spotlight from her. And get this, they’re both under the Careless Music label, namely James Reid and Issa Pressman.

While there’s been no official confirmation yet, the two have been seen together in recent posts on their respective Instagram accounts. And with the timing of their soft launch, it’s hard not to speculate that they intentionally stole the spotlight from Liza.

Some netizens even think that it could be a cover-up of some sort. But regardless of the truth behind their relationship status, there’s no denying that James Reid and Issa Pressman have caused quite a stir in the Philippine entertainment industry with just those Instagram posts.

  • Currently, the names of Nadine Lustre, Issa Pressman, and James Reid trend in the Philippines. People show their support and love for Nadine Lustre with the revelation of this surprising pair.
James Reid, Issa Pressman, Nadine Lustre, Twitter trends
Image Courtesy of Twitter

The JaDine Split

James and Nadine dated for almost four years before announcing their split in November 2019. They only made the news public in January 2020. At the time, rumors circulated that James had cheated on Nadine with Issa, but both parties denied the allegations. Nadine has since moved on and is rumored to be in a relationship with Christophe Bariou.

The news of James Reid and Issa Pressman’s relationship has sparked controversy and divided opinions among netizens. While some are happy for the two, many are disappointed and believe that James ‘cheated’ on Nadine. Any thoughts about this?

You can share any questions you have about James Reid and Issa Pressman’s rumored relationship, or let us know your thoughts about their Instagram posts in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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