James Toliver Craig arrested for poisoning wife: Exploring the criminal case of Colorado dentist charged with murder

Colorado police authorities have confirmed the arrest of dentist James Toliver Craig for allegedly poisoning his wife and charged him with first-degree murder. The 45-year-old dentist from Aurora has been accused of committing a complex and calculated murder. His wife, Angela, passed away last week after she was rushed to the hospital for severe headaches and dizziness. 

The Colorado dentist James Toliver Craig’s wife Angela was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday night. According to the hospital, her condition deteriorated rapidly and she had to be put on the ventilator. Moments later, she was declared brain dead.

After a week-long investigation into Angela’s death, some spine-chilling details have been revealed about how James Toliver Craig poisoned his wife. It turns out that Craig had purchased arsenic and cyanide and laced Angela’s protein shakes with them. A detailed investigation led by Division Chief Mark Hildebrand has found incriminating evidence against the dentist.

Exploring how James Toliver Craig allegedly murdered his wife Angela

Given her relatively young age and normal medical history, Angela’s death started to raise questions of foul play. Police suspicion turned towards her husband when his colleague at the dentist office revealed some crucial information. 

Colorado dentist James Toliver Craig poison wife Angela murder arrest
Arsenic purchase copy (Image courtesy of Aurora Police)

The colleague had recently opened a package containing potassium cyanide addressed to James Toliver Craig. Investigation has revealed that the Colorado dentist had conducted online searches about poisoning someone. His search queries were about how much arsenic was needed to kill someone and if it can be traced in autopsy. 

The arrest affidavit of James Toliver Craig revealed that this was not the first instance that his wife was poisoned. In fact, Angela complained of nausea and pain after consuming her protein shake on March 6.

Why did the Colorado dentist poison his wife?

Despite being married for 20 years with over six children together, James Toliver Craig’s relationship with his wife had always been tumultuous. Craig’s friends and family claim that the couple had been facing a lot of financial issues. 

Colorado dentist James Toliver Craig murder wife Angela poison
James Toliver Craig and family (Image courtesy of Summerbrook Dental Co.)

In fact, the Colorado dentist James Toliver Craig has had multiple affairs over the years. According to Daily Mail, reports suggest that he was even texting his mistress when his wife was dying in the hospital. Craig allegedly met this woman during this period which implicates her as well.

Text message evidence against James Toliver Craig

Unaware of what her husband had done to her, Angela had been exchanging text messages with him about how her protein shake tasted weird. Craig maintained his image of innocence with her and joked that he wouldn’t drink one. 

Another important piece of evidence against Craig is the string of texts he exchanged with his alleged mistress, which happened while Angela was in the hospital. The woman in question is an orthodontist with whom Craig was planning to start a new life with. 


In the past, Craig even admitted to his wife that he had suffered from a pornography addiction from the time he was a teen. The dentist is all set to appear in court later this week and has not entered a plea yet.

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