JiDion Permanently Banned, Hate Raid on Pokimane

This week, Twitch’s largest scandal of the year so far erupted. This involves not only one of the platform’s top female streamers, Pokimane but Ninja as well. Unfortunately, much of the platform’s recent turbulence is from hate raids. And this one was directed towards Pokimane due to a personal vendetta. The conclusion could indicate that Twitch took the problem seriously and intends to continue the trend in the future.

Twitch said in September of last year that it would do more to protect its users. This is by implementing a verification process to limit bots and banning players who break the rules. Pokimane stated that what JiDion was doing was likely against Twitch’s TOS. This is after discovering she was a victim of a hate raid, and he is now on a permanent ban.

JiDion, Permanently Banned

JiDion, a Twitch streamer, was permanently banned from creating content on the platform between the end of last week and the start of this week. This is after sending his viewers to abuse Pokimane on her stream.

Fortunately, Twitch stepped in and banned JiDion, initially for 14 days and then for good. Hopefully, this sends a lesson to others who try to harass women on Twitch. This is all too often because if Pokimane’s charges are genuine, JiDion’s behavior warranted his account being suspended immediately.

JiDion’s attitude in different videos makes it evident that he is enraged with Pokimane, and he has openly stated as much. Pokimane’s disdain, according to a tweet dated January 13, has nothing to do with her being a woman, but rather “her as a person,” meaning that this justifies sending his viewers on a hate raid against her.

During his own session, while watching Poki’s Valorant stream, he instructed his fans to write “L + ratio” in her chat. He pushed his viewers to follow her when she moved to follower-only mode to keep the spam going. She responded by cutting the stream short, stating she “can deal with this,” but that she didn’t want her viewers to be subjected to the same hostility.

Pokimane Outlined a List

JiDion’s sexist comments claim that her audience only watches her because they sexually fantasize her and make baseless comparisons to her personal life. He allegedly orchestrated hate raids on other platforms, such as Instagram, and inundated her social media accounts with “insults” and “threats,” she claimed in a tweet that JiDion has yet to officially refute.

JiDion then apologized realizing what consequences he had to deal with after.

Pokimane then responded on tweeter, saying that she “hopes he does better in the future”.

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