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Jimmy Kimmel is being criticized for his comments about Robert Blake before In Memoriam montage at the Oscars 2023. The comedian took multiple jabs during his opening act. Including previous years’ Will Smith slap and Tom Cruis’s absence at the academy awards.

Later in the course of his hosting, the comedian made a comment about the late Robert Blake being included in the In Memoriam segment of the show. Which caused controversy among audiences. They accused him of being insensitive. Here’s an explanation of the joke.

Jimmy Kimmel’s joke about Rober Blake

Jimmy Kimmel turned the 95th Oscars stage his home pitch and didn’t shy away from joking about controversial topics. This includes the recent death of actor Rober Blake.

In between the presenting of prestigious awards at the 95th Academy Awards, the 55-year-old late-night show host claimed of introducing a new segment in the show. He described it as “an interactive part” of the award function.

The host asked everybody to open their phones. He even urged the audiences at home to join and announced that “it’s time to vote,” This event occurred right before the In Memoriam montage which pays tribute to all the respectable celebrities the industry lost in the past year.

Further, Kimmel said, “If you think Robert Blake should be part of the In Memoriam montage, text ‘GIMME-A-Blake’ to the number on your screen,” referencing the unfortunate death of the television and film actor on Thursday.

He asks everyone to send the votes to any number including their mothers if preferable. “Message and data charges may apply,” he adds drawing laughter from the present audience. However, Netizens found the joke’s supposed wordplay with ‘Gimme a break’ insensitive and accused the comedian of being disrespectful.

The joke was even more criticized as the In Memoriam montage didn’t feature Robert Blake. The disappointed audiences took to Twitter with Jimmy Kimmel and the Oscars 2023 hashtag calling the joke, classless, tasteless, and out of line.

Many netizens also expressed their disappointment saying, the show was going great until the Robert Blake joke. The Netizens were especially appreciative of how Kimmel handled last year’s Will Smith slap.

Jimmy Kimmel’s opening at the 95th Oscars award

Jimmy Kimmel joked about controversial topics with some light mocking during his opening monologue at the Oscars. One of the topics that audiences were most looking forward to was Will Smith and they didn’t need to wait long as Kimmel opened the show with its mention.

The comedian said, “We want you to have fun. We want you to feel safe. And most importantly, we want me to feel safe.” Further relaying that if anyone in attendance commits violence then the Academy’s crisis team will award them the best actor and let them give an 18-minute long speech.

During the monologue, he also mentioned Tom Cruise and James Cameron who skipped this year’s event. “Tom Cruise and James Cameron didn’t show up. The two guys who insisted we should go to the theater didn’t come to the theater.”

He further made a joke about the 3-hour-long James Cameron’s Avatar 2 by saying that one can know a show’s too lengthy when Cameron can not sit through it.

The host of the 95th Oscars also joked about Steven Spielberg and Nicole Kidman. Additionally, He referenced many pop culture events of 2022. Including the viral video of Harry Styles where he seems to be spitting on his co-actor Chris Pine. Kimmel asked Malala Yousafzai’s opinion regarding the matter which she received splendidly saying, “I only speak about peace.”

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