Everything to know about Jimmy Kimmel x METALLICA collab

When you think of late-night TV and heavy metal, chances are Jimmy Kimmel and Metallica are not the first names that come to mind. Metallica started their week-long Jimmy Kimmel Live! residency with a bang on Monday (April 10). What exactly is going on? Well, be with us to know more about the Metallica x Jimmy Kimmel collab.

Jimmy Kimmel x METALLICA: Get for a new album soon

  • Metallica began their weeklong takeover of Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday (April 10th), chatting with the host and performing their single “Lux Æterna.”
  • The metal icons will drop their new album, “72 Seasons,” on Friday (April 14th), and in anticipation, they will be featured on Kimmel every night until Thursday

Also, their upcoming world tour for 2023-2024, starting later this month, will be preceded by their appearance on Kimmel as part of their residency.

Do Metallica Band members want to keep their age a secret?

Kimmel wasted no time in cracking jokes, welcoming James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo as “the most adorable boy band of all time.

Kimmel noticed a line of young fans in the morning and remarked that half of them looked like the 50s/early 60s members were in high school. That’s when drummer Lars Ulrich asked the audience to keep their real ages a secret.

What was the band member’s first Phonograph record?

Jimmy Kimmel x METALLICA collab
Image Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel on Youtube

During the interview, the band discussed a lot of fun things “Master of Puppets” appearing on Stranger Things, its upcoming World Tour, and more. As they started to discuss their new album “72 Seasons” the topic shifted to Metallica’s vinyl pressing plant.

That’s when Jimmy wanted to inquire more about how the band members purchased their first vinyl (phonograph) record.

Deep Purple – Lars Ulrich
  • Lars Ulrich shared that the first vinyl record he bought was Deep Purple’s “Fireball.” After seeing them perform live with his dad in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1973.
Santana – Robert Trujillo
  • Bassist Robert Trujillo revealed that his first album was Santana’s “Abraxas,” which featured “Black Magic Woman.”
  • He also mentioned his second album was Kool and the Gang’s “Wild and Peaceful,” which included the hit “Jungle Boogie.”
The Partridge Family – Kirk Hammett
  • Guitarist Kirk Hammett chuckled before finally admitting that his first album was “The Partridge Family Christmas Album.” Which had a green cover and a red envelope containing a Christmas card signed by the Partridge Family.
Lynyrd Skynyrd – James Hetfield
  • Frontman James Hetfield did not provide a specific album but mentioned that he believed his first vinyl record was “a Lynyrd Skynyrd” release.

Metallica’s M72 World Tour – Where to buy tickets?

Jimmy Kimmel x METALLICA collab and M72 World Tour
Image Courtesy of Getty Images

This year, Metallica will start their “M72 World Tour,” a global series of concerts that will continue into 2024. The tour promises distinct setlists and special supporting acts at each show.

Secure your tickets to a Metallica show in your area through StubHub. Where orders are backed by StubHub’s FanProtect Program, ensuring a 100% guarantee.


That’s everything to know about Jimmy Kimmel x Metallica collab. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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