JINI, former NMIXX member, releases Solo Debut details | Fans React

ex-NMIXX member JINI announces solo debut 'An Iron Hand in A Velvet Glove'

The former member of NMIXX turned solo K-pop idol JINI is ready to express her delicate fierceness with an upcoming debut EP. Just a couple of weeks ago, the star’s eagle-eyed fans noticed a pre-order listing for the soloist on Target’s website. Following this, she has unveiled the first look for the much-anticipated EP; let’s take a look.

JINI announces Solo Debut EP

The 19-year-old K-pop soloist is all ready to reclaim her position in the hearts of her fans following her departure from the girl group NMIXX. As per the announcements, the EP is named An Iron Hand in A Velvet Glove.

  • Despite having little to no details of the EP, the anticipation for the comeback is hitting the roof. The fans eagerly awaiting the news of her solo projects couldn’t help but rejoice with the first set of her solo debut EP. These teaser images give an alluring vibe, perfectly matching the delicate yet fierce title.
  • One of the particular attractions of these images is the ‘J’ symbol, which captures the fluidity within its metallic look. The symbol also appears in various ways, including as a ring and earring. Check out the images below.

Fans react to ex-NMIXX member JINI’s solo debut announcement

The fans of JINI shared their delight in finally getting an update about the singer’s solo project. They rejoiced at her debut and expressed their curiosity about her EP’s concept.

  • Meanwhile, the netizens also felt curious about the title and shared that they would have to give it to her for a successful beginning to her second innings.
  • Some fans felt that An Iron Hand in A Velvet Glow reminds them of the anime Violet Evergarden, which received exceptional reviews for its aesthetic. Fans and netizens are excited to learn more about K-pop idol’s upcoming debut.

More about JINI

The singer left the K-pop girl group NMIXX and their agency, JYP Entertainment, with many speculations about her future in the industry. While many fans had faith that she would continue her passion, there were some doubts as well.

  • The UAP agency, along with Sublime Artist Agency, cleared up these doubts to the relief of her fans by confirming that JINI has signed a contract with them as a soloist. The former girl group singer also changed her stage name to JINI from Jinni to officially reinvent herself for the new journey, which will begin with her upcoming EP.
  • There is no confirmation of when she will release her solo EP, An Iron Hand in A Velvet Glow. As per the now-deleted Target listing, it was to be released in October 2023. However, as the listing no longer appears on the website, there are doubts about the EP’s official release date.
  • We can just hope that it is sooner rather than later so the mystery behind the EP’s attractive concept and the individual style of the star gets unveiled to her fans.

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