Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Divorce: Is the partying allegation true?

Joe Jonas Sophie Turner partying allegations divorce

Ever since Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner confirmed that they are getting a divorce, social media is abuzz with allegations. People have come up with wild theories of what could have gone wrong between the celebrity couple. Earlier, rumors suggested that Sophie had gone off partying while Joe stayed home to take care of their children. However, an old clip has resurfaced which suggests the complete opposite, causing controversy. Let’s take a closer look at Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s divorce and the partying allegations.

Partying allegations against Sophie Turner explained

When the divorce rumors started circulating online, multiple reports seemed to suggest that it was Sophie Turner’s actions that led to all this. For example, TMZ reported that Joe and Sophie have different lifestyles where she likes to party, and he wants to stay home. 

These reports gained traction after Sophie Turner was seen taking shots at a wrap party just before Joe Jonas filed for divorce. Essentially, these hints paint an unpleasant picture of the Game of Thrones actress and almost entirely shift the blame on her. 

Furthermore, other reports suggest that Joe Jonas knew that his marriage to Sophie Turner was over after he allegedly caught her ‘saying and/or doing something’ on their Ring security camera. Bear in mind that all these allegations remain unconfirmed.

Support for Sophie Turner against mom-shaming

Social media users and independent journalists have rallied in support of Sophie Turner against the partying allegations. They believe that these news reports are part of a campaign from Joe Jonas’ publicists to smear her image.

While the reasons for the divorce remain unclear, fans believe that using the partying allegations to portray Sophie Turner as an irresponsible young mother is uncalled for. Given that the actress is only 27 years old, it’s unfair to expect her to give up on her social life.

Media experts believe that this is a case of mom-shaming done in order to blame her for the divorce. Many have defended her actions and her decision to spend time with her friends at a bar.

Are the partying allegations even true?

While her recent bar visit did happen, some old hints suggest that Sophie Turner may not have been the ‘party animal’ that she is portrayed to be. In a 2020 interview, the actress opened up about how she was an introvert. She said she never wanted to leave the house.

At the same time, she went on to call Joe Jonas a social butterfly and how she wanted to keep him at home with her, which seemed like prison to the musician. This is the exact opposite of the current divorce scenario where Sophie is claimed to be the party person.

A lot can change over three years but fans do believe that Sophie Turner’s old comments prove that the recent partying allegations are false. They blame Joe Jonas’ PR team for trying to make Sophie the wrongdoer in the marriage.

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