Basketball is a very physical sport. Sometimes players can get chippy, and in some cases, it gets very ugly. This all became true when Jose Rizal University’s John Anthony Amores went on a rampage against the whole College of St. Benilde players yesterday, November 8, 2022, in an NCAA season 98 match.

What’s more surprising is that Amores was just recently given the Sportsmanship award during his junior year in high school. Now that he’s given JRU a bad reputation with his violent actions, fans are already petitioning for NCAA to ban Amores from the league.

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Is John Amores getting officially banned from NCAA?

Just a few hours ago, the NCAA officials have decided to give Amores an indefinite ban. Amores is currently in his senior year at JRU. However, his basketball career may have ended when he threw punches and injured a few St. Benilde players.

Amores is getting huge online attention, but not for good reasons. He is already receiving a lot of backlashes and hate comments from the netizens. To add, Amores is being named an MVP or Most Violent Player for obvious reasons.

John Amores and his history of violence

Only a few know that Amores had previous altercations inside the court. If the JRU-Benilde incident didn’t happen, nobody would have known he has a pending case filed by a University of the Philippines player. According to some reports, UP had filed a case against Amores after he assaulted Mark Belmonte in a preseason game just in July of this year. Belmonte received serious physical injuries after that brawl.

Almost two months later, Amores had once again another ruckus with a Letran Knights player. In just five months, the young basketball star has been at the center of on-court fights. Because of his unjustifiable and unacceptable behavior, his banishment may have been the correct punishment.

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From Sportsmanship awardee to MVP (Most Violent Player)

A photo of Amores receiving an award for Sportsmanship trophy has gone viral due to his recent outburst against St. Benilde. However, the award was not meant for him. Instead, it was for the whole Jose Rizal University Light Bombers, the high school team of JRU. The award was given by the committee to the team but Amores was the only present player in the event, thus he gets to hold the trophy.

John Amores Sportsmanship award

Regardless, it’s very ironic that the guy holding the Sportsmanship trophy is going to be the same guy to break the sportsmanship code in the future. Although his actions already speak for themselves, there is still a belief that John Amores needs help mentally. What the future holds for him is unsure for now but he is definitely not going to be returning to collegiate basketball any time now.

Do you think John Amores deserves the punishment? Do you think Victor Wembanyama is going to be a superstar in the NBA? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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