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Last Monday, John Cena returns to WWE Raw to give a heartfelt and emotional thank you to the WWE Universe. He had been invited on to the show to join the celebration of his 20th anniversary with the promotion.

John Cena Returns to WWE RAW
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A truly heartwarming event for a wrestler that is very much deserving of it. For now, we will be giving a recap and the highlights of the events that unfolded on WWE Raw earlier this week.

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Celebrating a 20-year Anniversary

Most of the show’s first two hours focused on John Cena, delivering a classic promo to all his fans. John, with his charisma and presence, talked about his connection to all the supporters of WWE.

Throughout the show, clips and videos of John’s career were being played. However, in the middle of the show, a quick segment was shown wherein John Cena was backstage. He was talking to Ezekiel, one of the newer faces on the WWE Roster, and giving parting advice and words.

During this lighthearted conversation, another younger wrestler, Theory, suddenly interrupted. The theory then began talking and boasting about his own success right in front of John’s face. He had gloated that he had achieved success earlier than John and that John was an “old man wearing jorts”. After his rant, Theory then approaches for a selfie, to which Cena walks out on, leaving Theory angry. This may possibly be a teaser of an eventual John Cena and Theory feud in the future.

John Cena Returns to WWE RAW
Screengrab Courtesy of WWE Raw Official

Later on, after the previous segment, Vince McMahon the chairman of the promotion walked out onto the stage. He introduced John Cena into the ring while the entire WWE Locker room stood on the sideline. It is here that John shared his heartfelt message. In classic John Cena fashion, he is able to work for the crowd once again to loud cheers and applause.

To watch his emotional message, you may check out the recap on the official WWE YouTube Channel.

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Other Highlights from WWE RAW

Other interesting events happened last Monday Night Raw aside from John’s 20-year celebration. We will be listing down some of the notable highlights of the night.

Here’s what happened:

  • Leading up to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Riddle secures himself a spot after winning a battle royale.
  • In a match between Jey Uso and Montez Ford, Montez Ford wins via pinfall.
  • AJ Styles interrupts an interview being done by the Miz, which eventually leads to a match where the Styles wins due to count-out
  • The two WWE Divas, Bianca Belair and Carmella, get into a tussle.
  • Another WWE Divas Match involving Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss, with Liv Morgan winning by pinfall.
  • The strongman Bobby Lashley beats the Alpha Academy singlehandedly in a handicap match.
  • WWE Promotion showed a short video segment of an interview with Cody Rhodes.
  • Lastly, Becky Lynch, against all odds, wins the last chance elimination match to secure herself a spot in Money in the Bank.
Screengrab Courtesy of WWE Raw Official

Overall, last Monday Night Raw was an exciting and jam-packed day. A combination of high-intensity action and heartwarming nostalgia, it was definitely one hell of a night!

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