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As we heard and wrote on FOX News’ veteran anchor, Uma Pemmaraju. Let’s go back to her humble beginnings and her career journey today. If you have not caught up with the recent news, Pemmaraju passed away at the age of 64 on Tuesday, according to a FOX News report. The famous Indian-American anchor had a simple yet promising career in media and journalism.

She received notable awards in reporting during her earlier career. Pemmaraju garnered more when she turned into a veteran in the industry. We’re here to discuss a few of the life and career achievements of the late FOX News anchor.

Uma Pemmaraju’s Life

She was born on March 31, 1958, in India and grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Pemmaraju lived most of her life in the United States. She took her tertiary education at Trinity University in Texas where she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science degree.

  • She was survived by her daughter, Kirina. Additionally, one thing that marked WBZ-TV’s David Wade, is when Pemmaraju’s family addresses her as a “noble soul and pioneer.” Moreover, let’s now move forward with her career and achievements.

 Pemmaraju’s media career

Uma Pemmaraju
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Firstly, Uma Pemmaraju starts her early career as a writer and reporter for KENS-TV and the San Antonio Express-News while balancing her college work. This experience gains her years of journalistic experience. Alongside, being the editor for Trinity University’s school newspaper.

  • After graduation, Pemmaraju took a job in Dallas on KTVT-11 as a news anchor and correspondent on the station. She then moved to Baltimore’s WMAR-TV where she received her Emmy award. She won an award after she reported the coverage of a rescue of a child who nearly drowned.
  • Furthermore, from Baltimore, she moved to Boston where she worked as a correspondent and producer on WBZ-TV, specifically on WBZ’s Night Journal. She worked from 1992 to 1996 on the said network.

  • After leaving WBZ, she took on the path of being on national television. Uma Pemmaraju joins the FOX News network and is regarded as one of the founding anchors of the station. Since then, she hosted different news shows and interviewed different media and TV personalities. The list includes Dalai Lama, Joel Osteen, Whoopi Goldberg, Donald Trump, senators, and more public figures.
  • Significantly, she moved to Bloomberg News, and after a while rejoins FOX News in 2003. She hosted FOX News Live and anchored on The Fox Report among other news shows.
  • According to her home network, Pemmaraju taught journalism at Harvard University and Emerson University in Georgia.

Uma Pemmaraju’s achievements

Besides all their experiences in the field of media and journalism, Pemmaraju receives many awards throughout her career. We’ll list a few that we have found below:

  • Pemmaraju won several Emmy awards for investigative journalism.
  • Additionally, Boston Magazine gave her the Boston’s Best Anchor award in 1996 and 1997.

    Uma Pemmaraju
    Screengrab Image Courtesy of CBSDFW via YouTube
  • Also, Uma Pemmaraju won the Texas AP award for reporting and The Woman of Achievement Award from the Big Sisters Organization of America.
  • Lastly, Pemmaraju also received the Matrix Award from Women in Communications.
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