This July, trainers may face Rufflet in Research Breakthrough confrontations and accomplish fresh missions, such as gathering the seven stamps. Gamers will also earn a free Remote Raid Pass as a reward. Let’s go over all the tasks for this month, as well as what goodies you can get from them!

NOTE: Pokemon with an asterisk (*) may be in their shiny form!



Participate in GO Battle League. Machoke Encounter
Capture 5x various Pokemon types. Tympole Encounter
Capture 5x Weather-boosted Pokemon. Poliwag* Encounter
Vulpix* Encounter
Hippopotas* Encounter
Snover* Encounter
Capture 5x Pokemon. Jigglypuff* Encounter
Capture 7x Pokemon. Magikarp* Encounter
Capture 1x Dragon-type Pokemon. Dratini* Encounter
Beat 1x Team GO Rocket Leader. Absol* Encounter
Earn 2x Candies while walking with a buddy. Bunnelby* Encounter
Earn 3x Candies while walking with a buddy. Stunfisk Encounter
Earn 5x Candies while walking with a buddy. Gligar* Encounter
Earn 5x Hearts with a buddy. Shroomish Encounter
Evolve 1x Pokemon. Eevee* Encounter
Hatch 2x Eggs. Audino Encounter
Hatch 2x Eggs. Beldum* Encounter
Make 3x Excellent Throws consecutively. Gible* Encounter
Make 3x Great Throws consecutively. Onix* Encounter
Make 3x Great Throws. Lileep* Encounter
Anorith* Encounter
Snubbul* Encounter
Make 3x Curveball Throws consecutively. Spinda #6* Encounter
Make 3x Nice Throws. Dunsparce* Encounter
Power up 3x Pokemon. Bulbasaur* Encounter
Charmander* Encounter
Squirtle* Encounter
Power up 5x Pokemon. Chikorita* Encounter
Cyndaquil* Encounter
Totodile* Encounter
Power up 7x Pokemon. Treecko* Encounter
Torchic* Encounter
Mudkip* Encounter
Power up 10x Pokemon. Mega Houndoom Energy (10x)
Send 3x Gifts. Metapod Encounter
Kakuna Encounter
Spin 3x Pokestops / Gyms. Sudowoodo* Encounter
Spin 5x Pokestops / Gyms. Whismur Encounter
Ralts* Encounter
Take 1x Snapshot of a wild Pokemon. Murkrow* Encounter
Yanma* Encounter
Hoppip Encounter
Take 5x Snapshot of wild Normal-type Pokemon. Bidoof* Encounter
Trade 1x Pokemon. Wurmple* Encounter
Use 3x Pinap Berries when capturing Pokemon. Kricketot* Encounter
Win 5x Raids. Aerodactyl* Encounter
Win 1x Level 3+ Raid. Kabuto* Encounter
Omanyte* Encounter
Win 1x Raid in 60s or below. Alolan Exeggutor* Encounter
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