The first spotlight hour for the month of July will begin tomorrow at 6:00PM – 7:00PM.  Bulbasaur will emerge in the wild more regularly than usual throughout that one-hour episode, and you’ll get twice as many EXP points for capturing Pokemon! Get ready!

Bulbasaur Spotlight Hour

  • Keep in mind that you may use an Incense to entice wild Pokemon to your position for a brief period during this week’s occasion take full advantage of it. This means you’ll be able to confront more Bulbasaur and have a better opportunity of finding a Shiny Bulbasaur!
  • A Lucky Egg can also be used to significantly boost the amount of EXP you obtain for 30mins. This Lucky Egg reward stacks with the Spotlight Hour perk, making it possible for you to acquire 4x as many EXP for every Pokemon you collect.
  • After the Bulbasaur Spotlight Hour, 3 more of these activities are organized for July 2021. Charmander will become the showcased Pokemon on July 13, whereas Squirtle will be presented on July 20. Lastly, on July 27, Natu will be showcased in the Spotlight Hour celebration.

Who is Bulbasaur?

TYPE Grass and Poison
WEAKNESSES Fire, Flying, Ice, and Psychic
RESISTANCES Grass, Electric, Fairy, Fighting, and Water
Attack 118
Defense 111
Stamina 128
  • Bulbasaur is a Pokemon from the very 1st generation of the franchise. It has the number 001 in the Pokedex!
  • Bulbasaur can be evolved into Ivysaur with 25 Bulbasaur Candy, then Ivysaur can be evolved into Venusaur with 100 Bulbasaur Candy in Pokemon Go.
  • Bulbasaur Shiny is a distinct hue of green from the other Bulbasaurs!

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