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Recently, a number of high-profile figures in the video game industry have expressed criticism about NFTs, including Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, who recently confessed that he was not completely persuaded by this new economic system. A number of partner studios of Team17 have also expressed their disapproval, prompting a response from the company behind the classic Worms titles.

Soon after, Team17, the publisher behind famous franchises such as Overcooked and Worms, announced a shift in strategy.

Team17 and Worms NFT

The business just unveiled a new program utilizing environmentally friendly NFTs. In order to conduct ecological transactions, Team17 approached the Reality Gaming Group with this concept. Everything was prepared to be put into action.

According to the company, their NFTs (known as MetaWorms NFTs) use a fraction of the energy of conventional NFTs. For instance, the annual usage of a kettle by 11 separate houses would be represented by 100,000 NFT transactions.

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Team17 has also teamed up with “Coin 4 Planet” a firm that utilizes worms to recycle the majority of waste. Despite this, the news was met with a negative response from the Team17 partners and different studios.

The End of MetaWorms

Aggro Crab Games (Going Under), Ghost Town (Overcooked), SMG (Moving Out), and Navegante (Greak: Memories of Azur) all expressed their disgust following this revelation. This resulted in Team17 prompting to reassess after receiving negative feedback.

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For Team17, a new chapter has begun, as the company has opted to listen to its fans and studios. What are your thoughts on NFTs?🤔 Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.    

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