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On July 2 last Saturday, Justin Bieber’s grandmother was involved in an almost fatal car crash accident.

Justin’s grandmother named Kathy Bieber resides in Stratford, Ontario which is also the hometown of the Canadian singer. The news sparked online when the incident was posted on a public Facebook community page Stratford Cruises by a concerned citizen Jamie Rohan Ramdwar.

Image Courtesy of Jamie Rohan Ramdwar via Facebook

The image shows the aftermath of the accident. Firefighters are putting out the fire from the car.

What happened in the accident?

It was confirmed that Kathy Bieber was seated in the passenger seat. While the driver is a man named Brandan Steven who is also related to Justin Bieber. The car Brandan drove was Kathy’s red vintage Mustang car and they are the only people in the car when the accident happened.

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Brandan has also confirmed it on the same Facebook post from Stratford Cruises. He even explained the accident saying “We were at a dead stop as a car was turning left a couple cars in front of us. Then a distracted driver rear ended us they say she had to be doing 70.”

Kathy was immediately removed from the car because it could have been worse for her since the doors were blinded shut according to Brandan. Gladly, the two have survived the crash and now recovering from it.

There is no more information added from the accident.

About Kathy Bieber and Brandan Steven

Kathy is from the father’s side of Justin. She is the step-mother of Jeremy (Justin’s father) and is married to George Bieber. So technically, she is the step-grandmother of Justin.

In addition, Brandan is a 17-year-old cousin of Justin since both of their fathers are siblings. Justin has always seemed to be private when it comes to his family relatives. So we don’t know exactly the current state of their relationship.

justin bieber's grandmother
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Until now, there are no further updates from the Bieber family about the incident.

We all know that Justin is still currently on his journey to recovery from his facial paralysis called Ramsay Hunt syndrome. So it’s quite a hard time for them right now with the accident that has happened too. We wish them well with their recoveries!

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