K-drama Connect 2022: Fun in Gore – Age Rating

Poster of K-drama Connect

K-drama Connect is creating a buzz in the entertainment industry. There are many speculations about this drama with its intriguing plot, twisted characters, and gore. Let’s find out more about the drama.

Connect – The Plot

This sci-fi drama is about a new species of human that is immortal. Jung Hae-in is kidnapped by an organ smuggling organization. We see him suffering as a creature opens its body and settles into it. The suffering ends immediately but he couldn’t recover his eye. The sequence makes the viewers expect a new level of gore, violence, and grotesque mystery that was yet to be introduced in Korean dramas.

On the other hand, is a serial killer who has gained the ‘connect eye’ due to a transplant creating tension in the plot. The set-up allows the drama to proceed in many directions, it shall be fun to see which way i

Jung Hae In in Connect
Image courtesy of Disney+

Connect – The Star Cast

K-drama Connect has an unexpected star cast for the sci-fi gore genre. It stars Jung Hae-In as the new immortal human. Until now he has mostly shown his charms through romantic dramas such as Snowdrop and Something in the rain.

Go Gyung-Pyo who is well-known for his sweet-boy role in Reply 1988 and Love In Contract reinvents his image as a serial killer in this drama. In an interview during the launch, Director Miike mentioned an episode about the casting of Go Gyung-Pyo.

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He came 30 minutes late for the first interview and we had only seen his old photos where he was slim. So, when he arrived he looked like he had put on some weight. Later during the first day of shooting, he seemed to have put on some more weight when asked about it, Go Gyoung-Pyo smiled and said His diet failed. This nonchalant behavior about his weight management made the director sure of his casting.

The drama also stars Kim Hye-Jun as a detective who while trying to catch serial killer Go Gyung-Pyo meets Jung Hae-In. It shall be interesting to see what kind of an influence she will be in the lonely existence of his character as the immortal human. Kim Hye-In is known for her role in Netflix’s Kingdom.

Connect – Where To Watch

Director Takashi Miike’s Drama Connect is going to be released on December 07, 2022. It will be available to watch through Disney+ Hotstar. All 06 Episodes are going to be released at once.

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The drama is adapted from a webtoon and it is the first Korean drama of Japanese director Takashi Miike. Until now he has produced and directed more than a hundred dramas, videos, movies, and other productions. He has ventured into all genres from crime to family drama. He has also previously made successful crime-gore films such as The Battle Of Evil

Jung Hae In in connect
Image courtesy of Disney+

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Source: Naver, Wikipedia, Disney+

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