K-Movie Bargaining: Hwang Jung-Min x Hyun Bin- Release Date + Where to watch

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The official trailer of the Korean movie Bargaining (A.K.A The Point Men) starring Hwang Jung-Min and Hyun-Bin had its public premiere during a press conference.

The event was attended by the director Yim Soon Rye, actor Kang Ki-Young and the leading men of the film. The first look of the film seems promising with intense performances, a tight script, and action sequences. Let us find out more about what makes this movie worth anticipating.

Bargaining 2023, Hwang Jung Min, Hyun Bin, K-Movie, Kim Ki Young
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  • The film stars Hwang Jung-Min in the lead role. His experience in acting is vast, starting from stage plays to world-famous movies such as Ode To My Father, New World, Veteran, and A Bittersweet Life. In the upcoming film Bargaining, he plays the role of a sincere diplomate named Jeong Jae-Ho. During the press conference, Hwang Jung-Min introduced his character as an honest person with rich morals and principles. It will be interesting to see how his diplomate character’s sincerity is different from his previous roles.
  • Along with him, the film stars Hyun-Bin as the second main lead. He plays the role of a NIS (National Intelligence Security) agent stationed in Afghanistan. He will provide major support to Jeong Jae-Ho in saving the lives of the hostages. In the press conference, Hyun-Bin shared that his character faces the trauma of being unable to save the lives of hostages before. He also models a rugged image for the role as an effect of localization. It will be intriguing to see him in a widely different role from his recent drama Crash Landing on You.
  • The film Bargaining also features actor Kang Ki-Young. He plays the role of Kasim and will remain helpful in the mission. The actor shared his excitement about working with veteran actors and confessed that he still feels like a rookie. He expressed his gratitude for the major success of the Netflix drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo and was glad to be helpful with publicity.
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K-Movie Bargaining

The Korean Movie is based on a true incident in 2007 when 23 missionaries were held hostage in Afghanistan. The story follows a foreign diplomate and NIS agent as they struggle to negotiate with the Taliban. The lives of innocent hostages depend on them as time presses on. Diplomate Jeong (Hwang Jung-Min) and NIS agent Park (Hyun-Bin), although different in their temperament, are joined by a string of desperation.

  • The trailer of the movie establishes that the film will explore the darkness of crime in the vast bright desert. The intense acting and situationally charged dialogue right away bind the viewer’s attention. It doesn’t just tease a promising experience but starts to satisfy from the introduction itself. It will be hard to wait for the film’s release on January 18, 2023. 
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Korean Movie Bargaining 2023
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Behind the scenes

Korean movie Bargaining (A.K.A The Point Men) is directed by Yim Soon-Rye. She is famous for exploring challenging subjects in her films. This time, she will be dealing with the sensitive subject of terrorist groups and international politics.

The director shared she is always approached with intricate topics by the production house. She was hesitant to do The Whistleblower as it was based on a major scientific fraud, Little Forest exploring escapism from the fatigue of cities and now a real incident of terrorism in Bargaining. She jokes that she is hoping to take up the next projects without any hesitation.

  • The K-movie was shot during the peak of COVID-19 back in 2020, which made filming the movie quite a challenge. The desert sequences were shot in Jordan’s Wadi Rum, which bears resemblance to Afghanistan. The crew suffered health complications due to the unfamiliar heat.

The film will get its theatrical release on 18 January 2023 along with the announcement of its OTT (over-the-top) release. For more latest updates about upcoming K-movies, anime, and games, follow Spiel Times. Happy Watching! 

SOURCES: Star News Korea, Yonhap News

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