K-pop: 4 Apink members leave IST – Will they disband?

Second-generation K-pop fans, we’re sure that Apink isn’t a stranger to you. IST Entertainment announced this morning that four Apink members left the agency after recently celebrating their 12-year anniversary. Apink members Chorong, Bomi, Namjoo, and Hayoung decided not to renew their contracts and only Eunji re-signed which netizens left asking, will they disband?

Apink has been a staple in the K-pop industry since their debut in 2011, captivating fans with their catchy bubblegum-pop songs and lovable personalities. Their hit songs, such as “Mr. Chu,” “LUV,” and “I’m So Sick,” have become fan favorites and cemented their place as one of the longest-running K-pop groups to date. With this unexpected turn of events, fans eagerly await updates on the members’ plans and hope that this won’t be the end for Apink.

Four Apink members left IST Entertainment

On Friday morning, April 28, 2023, IST Entertainment dropped a statement about the Apink members’ contracts. In the said statement, the agency confirmed that after careful consideration, Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Kim Namjoo, and Oh Hayoung decided not to renew their contracts with them. However, Jeong Eunji will continue her career with IST.

  • Although the departure of four members may have come as a shock to fans, Apink remains determined to move forward and make the best out of the situation. With Eunji continuing her career with IST, the remaining members are looking to explore new possibilities with another agency and other artists.
APINK members left IST Entertainment, statement
Image Courtesy of IST Entertainment via Twitter (@ist_ent)
  • Last April 2022, PANDAs (Apink’s fandom name) were caught off-guard as a member and now actress, Son Naeun left Apink. While fans became heartbroken with this news, it didn’t stop the fans from supporting Apink and Naeun.

Now that more Apink members left IST Entertainment, will there be more schedules for Apink? With their positive attitude, it’s clear that Apink has a bright future ahead of them. And the members, along with their agencies, got great news for you, PANDAs!

Will Apink disband?

The beloved girl group is not disbanding anytime soon, despite the recent departure of four members from their agency. Apink has confirmed that they will remain together and continue making music as a group. Hours after the news broke, the four members – Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Kim Namjoo, and Oh Hayoung – signed with a new agency named Choi Creative Lab.

  • In their official statement translated by Soompi, Choi Creative Lab expressed their excitement about working with Apink and promised to support the group’s group activities as well as the individual careers of each member.
  • IST Entertainment and Choi Creative Lab will also cooperate for the group’s future activities, ensuring that Apink’s legacy and impact in the K-pop industry continue to thrive. As the statement ended, “Apink will continue to be Apink.”
APINK members, ist
Image Courtesy of Apink via Twitter (@Apink_2011)

This news has brought relief and joy to fans all over the world, who have been waiting for Apink’s future plans. With the group’s unwavering dedication and strong bond, it’s no surprise that they have decided to stay together and continue making music. As always, PANDAs will be supporting and cheering on Apink every step of the way.

The members’ messages to PANDAs

Apink has always been known for their strong bond and love for their fans, and this recent announcement only solidifies that. Even before the news broke out that four members would be leaving the agency, Apink had been assuring PANDAs that they will always be together.

During their recent fanmeetings and concerts, the members have been repeatedly saying that Apink will be forever. Fans couldn’t help but appreciate the group’s unwavering dedication and loyalty.

  • Just before the announcement that the four signed into a new agency, the members also posted handwritten messages for their fans, expressing their gratitude and love. Despite the changes in their agency and lineup, Apink made it clear that they will remain as Apink, always be with their beloved PANDAs, and continue to grow and show their best sides.

As PANDAs look forward to Apink’s future activities, they also couldn’t help but hope for another OT6 photo, with all six members together. Whether it’s through group activities or individual projects, Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung will always hold a special place in the hearts of their fans as Apink.

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