K-pop fans should watch these while waiting for BTS’ return

Oh, seriously… we’re missing BTS while it’s just been this week since the enlistment news came out. Have you started watching or rewatching some BTS content to ease the separation anxiety from the boys? If you’re not sure what to watch first, then we got you here. Here’s a list of what we should watch while waiting for BTS to return.

Watch while waiting for BTS: Run BTS!

Honestly, you just have to catch up on one, and the OG variety show of the group, Run BTS! The show has been running for seven years already, starting from 2015 up to this year still.

  • We’re pretty sure you can wait until 2025 when you watch their episodes here. If you’ve been consistently updated with Run BTS, maybe a binge-rewatching would do the work.

  • Also, you may want to know the timeline of the Run BTS show, proceed below. As to where to watch it, you may catch it still on VLIVE for free. Of course, there are ARMYs who posted all the episodes on YouTube as well, so you can check it out.
    • Episodes 1 to 10: Season 1 – The pilot season began in August 2015. This started everything for Run BTS which fans would surely not want to miss.
    • Episodes 11 to 56: Season 2 – The second season started on January 2017.
    • Episodes 57 to 155: Season 3 – The season ran from January 2019 to September 2021. That long?! Yeah, a few breaks here and there, but the episodes are mostly uploaded every week.

    • Season 4 runs up to this day, as promised by the boys. These are special episodes for ARMYs that started this year, and hours ago, this is the episode they posted.

Bangtan Bomb (BTS Bomb)

If you find Run BTS not enough for your binge-watching, add Bangtan Bomb to your queue. The content consists of behind-the-scenes footage, some special choreography videos, and camera focus clips.

Watch while waiting for BTS, BTS Bomb
Image Courtesy of BANGTANTV via YouTube
  • The duration of each clip varies from what video they would post. Mostly it would run around 1 to 30 minutes. Perfect for catching up, right?
  • The pilot release of Bangtan Bomb started way back in 2013 and is still here in the present.
  • If you miss the members and how they enjoy themselves in events, performing, or simply dancing, this one is for you. Catch the dance practices here also!

  • You may also, get to binge-watch all the episodes on YouTube!

Watch while waiting for BTS: The BTS EPISODE

Lastly, to complete our favorite binge-watch BTS shows, BTS Episode comes! You may look at it somehow similar to Bangtan Bomb but make this one longer.

  • ARMYs may see the jacket film shooting here, and what members have been doing in the album-making. Mostly, the videos revolve around what they do in a day of a schedule, award shows, album behinds, and such!
Watch while waiting for BTS, BTS EPISODE
Image Courtesy of BANGTANTV via YouTube
  • They were also able to invite international and Korean guests to a few EPISODE videos. Taylor Swift, PSY, and Drake have a few appearances in episodes 62, 121, and 75 respectively.
  • Furthermore, catch the episodes on YouTube! Binge-watch along with us on their official channel, let’s go, ARMYs!

The BTS members solo

Of course, while we were waiting for the group’s comeback, we have to still wait for the upcoming solos! So, we can watch (out!) while waiting for BTS are their solo albums or singles, and even collaborations too!

Watch while waiting for BTS, BTS solo
Image Courtesy of Here Fan
  • Maybe we can expect Jin’s solo soon! If you missed it, in the recent Busan concert, he reveals himself to be the second member to release his solo. Maybe by the first week of November, we can expect the teasers already. While we may bid to see you soon for Jin for a while, we will be blessed with his vocals in his single that is nearing! Well, we can’t wait for that!
  • As for the other members’ solo releases, let’s be patient for them, ARMYs! We wouldn’t miss them too much (nope, probably we’ll miss them more) when we hear their voices! We still have Suga, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook to release their future songs and hear their plans too!

Hwaiting, ARMYs, let’s binge-watch these shows for now! Let’s wish BTS the best!

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