A new month has come meaning new K-Pop group comebacks are coming as well. It’s like a monthly tradition where there are comebacks each month. Moreover, many fans are anticipating this month of August as it has a big lineup of group comebacks.

The much-awaited group comebacks for this month are Girls’ Generation, BLACKPINK, TWICE, IVE, and The Boyz. The lineup screams girl power, right? So let’s take a look at what they have in store for us in their upcoming comebacks.

  • Girls Generation (SNSD) – August 8

The OG queens are back in celebration of their 15th-anniversary debut. Girls’ Generation or also known as SNSD is having a full group comeback with 8 members after so long. This is going to be their 7th full-length album comeback since 2017.

Screengrab Courtesy of GIRLS’ GENERATION via YouTube


    • The title of their new album is ‘Forever 1’ coming this August 8 (physical album). However, the digital album and its music video are both out earlier on August 6 at 6 p.m (KST).
    • Sones must be feeling over the moon with this comeback after such a long wait and many rumors. It’s finally happening so better check out their timetable and their Into The World mood sampler.

This is not a drill, BLACKPINK is finally in our area again. After 2 years, they welcomed August by surprising Blinks worldwide with their comeback announcement trailer.

Image Courtesy of @billboard via Twitter


    • Not only that they’re coming with a new album which is possibly titled ‘Born Pink’ but they have announced a bigger one too.
    • But first and foremost, they are going to start their comeback festivities this August. They are going to have their pre-release single this August. Assumingly, it includes a music video too. However, there’s no exact date yet for it.
    • Their album release is in September and the most exciting of them all is their world tour starts in October. So much is going to happen this year but we have to wait for more details.
  • TWICE – August 26

TWICE is going to have a comeback this month and Onces certainly feel special. They are coming back with their 11th mini album titled ‘BETWEEN 1&2’.

Image Courtesy of @JYPETWICE via Twitter
    • Their album is out on August 26 at 1 p.m (KST) and their worldwide album pre-order has begun. Check out their physical album details here.
    • They have already posted their album tracklist with 7 tracks. We can’t wait to hear all of it!
      1. Talk That Talk – (Their title track)
      2. Queen Of Hearts
      3. Basics
      4. Trouble
      5. Brave
      6. Gone
      7. When We Were Kids
  • IVE – August 22

IVE is making us feel like eleven with their new comeback. They have kicked off the month of August with their dreamy I’VE SUMMER FILM.

Screengrab Courtesy of IVE via YouTube
    • This beloved rookie girl group is coming back after their hit singles ‘Eleven’ and ‘Love Dive’.
    • They are coming back with their 3rd single album titled ‘After Like’ which is out this August 22. Dives are looking forward to another bop!
  • The Boyz – August 16

The Boyz is back with their 7th mini album titled ‘WHISPER’ coming this August 16 at 6 p.m (KST). They have begun their comeback teasers with their Wings of Desire trailer. This is also their comeback after 9 months.

Screengrab Courtesy of THE BOYZ via YouTube

They are currently preparing for their 3-night concert at the KSPO Dome starting on August 5 to 7. However, their member Eric is still on hiatus due to health reasons. So the group is going on with 10 members only.

August is certainly packed with new music with this K-Pop group’s comebacks.

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