K-pop: HyunA and Somi shares a kiss in viral post | Fans React

HyunA and Somi's kiss goes viral

The two solo queens are together! In the K-pop industry, solo artists are often praised for their bold concepts that idol groups might shy away from covering. They are also known to be relatively more open about their friendships and relationships. Two of the leading ladies of K-pop, HyunA and Somi, recently confirmed this by sharing a video of them kissing on the lips.

HyunA and Somi share a kiss in a viral Instagram post

A few days ago I’m Not Cool singer updated her Instagram with a picture featuring Jeon Somi. They both were standing side-by-side, showcasing their gun tattoos that, although different in design, were at the same location. She simply captioned the image with girls’ kissing under a heart and sparkles emojis (👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩✨). This post capturing the sweet friendship between the two soloists went viral among their fans.

After learning about their friendship, many began to encourage the two artists to collaborate on a project. Some fans also gave a nod of appreciation for HyunA‘s selection of emojis, calling her ‘the real one.’

  • A few days later, HyunA again updated her Instagram, flaunting just how close her friendship is with the Dumb Dumb singer. In the viral post, both singers are hanging out together at the release party of Somi’s new album GAME PLAN, and its title track, Fast Forward.

  • The post is captioned with white hearts, a pink bow, a sparkle, and an encouraging message. In the first slide, they are both posing together, doing a cute wink and half-flower pose. This dose of cuteness didn’t prepare the fans for what was coming next.
  • In the second slide, Somi was adorably giving HyunA a peck on the cheek when the latter turned, and they both shared a peck on the lips. This video quickly went viral across social media as fans couldn’t get enough of their adorable chemistry.

Fans react to the soloist’s post

The fans of HyunA and Jeon Somi showered the Instagram post with praises for the artists. They also commented on their friendship and chemistry. The kiss indeed became the talk of the town, and many fans shared their hopes for a collaboration soon. Read some of the reactions below:



Following the viral post, Somi also teased her fans with a surprise through Bubble. She said that after meeting with HyunA yesterday, she will again meet her today for something that is a ‘hot secret.’ She further teased her fans that she could not reveal what it was, even though they must be very curious.

  • These interactions and their chemistry in one frame have sparked anticipation among their fans. Many are hoping that the teased hot secret is a future collaboration. K-pop fans also jokingly debate between the matching tattoo and the kiss, asking which one is more gay.
  • Somi recently released the extended play album GAME PLAN with a music video for the title track Fast Forward that quickly rose to the charts and garnered 10 million views on the release day. On the other hand, HyunA released her eighth EP, Nabillera, in July last year.

This further provides the perfect opportunity to collaborate on a new project together. However, we will have to wait to know what is the hot secret that Somi teased. We can’t wait!

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