K-pop Idols who joined Bada Lee’s Smoke Challenge | Ranked

Best K-pop idols Smoke challenge

One of the major events defining the new gen K-pop is dance challenges. All the recent comebacks have a section focusing on the dance challenge, and fans are eager to see their favorite K-pop idols collaborate. However, the Smoke Challenge created by Bada Lee has taken over the K-pop scene, with stars like BTS Jungkook, V, NCT Taeyong, ITZY’s Yeji Ryujin, and more joining daily.

  • After many K-pop idols joined the Smoke dance challenge formed by the K-pop choreographer, leader of the BEBE dance crew, and participant of Street Woman Fighter Season 2, Bada Lee, an X (former Twitter) account, created a thread ranking the challenges.
  • The thread ignited a fandom war and resulted in the deactivation of the account due to many reports. This event highlights how closely fans are watching this particular challenge. However, ranking the K-pop idols based on it isn’t easy, but let’s do it.
Disclaimer: The article includes the author’s personal opinions.

K-pop idols’ Smoke Challenge

Many Korean idols who are fabulous in executing complex dance choreographies have joined Bada Lee‘s Smoke Dance challenge. This choreography was created during Street Woman Fighter Season 2‘s Class Mission for the leader group, and viewers might already know how tough it was to choose the main dancer.

  • The choreography itself isn’t as challenging, but it requires powerful moments with attention to detail and plenty of swag. This was one of the reasons why Bada Lee became the main dancer after having a neck-to-neck fight with Jam Republic’s Kristen.
  • The ranking of K-pop idols who joined the Smoke Challenge is also based on their powerful execution, attention to detail, and showcasing of individual styles. Let’s get right into it!

5. WJSN Yeoreum

WJSN Yeoreum secures this spot on this list. Her dance challenge highlights the swag of the choreography and style that we couldn’t get enough of.

4. TripleS Na Kyoung and Kaeda

Na Kyoung and Kaeda from the rookie decentralized K-pop girl group TripleS mesmerized us with their Smoke challenge. The small changes that fit their individual style were also executed seamlessly.

3. ITZY Yeji and Ryujin | ATEEZ San | SEVENTEEN DK and Hoshi 

Ties are expected in this list as we just cannot choose one! ITZY‘s Yeji and Ryujin’s body control and ATEEZ San’s expressive performance both win this position. Additionally, SEVENTEEN‘s DK and Hoshi showcase their years of learning techniques.

2. RIIZE Shotaro (ft Bada Lee)

Gosh! The energy, catching the wow points, and body control, everything is perfect in RIIZE’s Shotaro‘s Smoke challenge. Performing it with Bada Lee just made it more jaw-dropping.

1. BTS Jungkook | BTS V | NCT Taeyong

What should we call this, a dancer’s version of Smoke challenge? BTS V, Jungkook, and NCT Taeyong perfectly captured this dance challenge’s essence. That’s how you do a dance challenge, and the third-generation dancers just slay it.

Runner ups

Apart from all of these, there are many more K-pop artists who participated in the Smoke challenge that we couldn’t leave out:

  • TVXQ Yunho
  • CRAVITY Hyeongjun
  • IVE Yujin
  • AB6IX Woojin
  • HAWW Jimin, Chanyoung, and Juho
  • WEi Yohan

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