K-pop: IJBOL, DPMO, IDGAF on Twitter, Meaning Explained

K-pop: ijbol, dpmo, idgaf on Twitter, Meaning Explained

Keeping up with all the stan Twitter vocabulary might be a little tough for a new K-pop fan, as there are many intricacies and Romanized words that are exclusive to K-pop. This includes aegyo, age-line, OTn, anti, and the recently rising terms, IJBOL, DPMO, and IDGAF.

Some of the abbreviations are easy to understand due to the context, IYKWIM (If You Know What I Mean). Meanwhile, some of it may require a bit more thinking before all the alphabet clicks to form a sentence. These slangs and acronyms are also further evolved as verbs and adjectives for better expression.

If you are confused about what IJBOL, DPMO, and IDGAF mean on Twitter, then here is an explanation.

Meaning of K-pop slang IJBOL, DPMO, and IDGAF on Twitter


The IJBOL has often new-gen K-pop stans scratching their heads trying to disperse what it means. The abbreviation isn’t itself that new, it was formed in 2009 and recently returned to trends, much like bucket hats. The IJBOL abbreviation means I Just Burst Out Laughing and its counterpart JBOL (Just Burst Out Laughing).

  • This abbreviation is often confused as a foreign word because many fans use romanization of Korean words such as jebal (please), or Chaebol (conglomerate) to talk about their idols. Moreover, the word itself looks silly which has people ijbol-ing while they IJBOL.


This particular slang treads the line of context as it can mean something serious or humorous. The abbreviation DPMO stands for Don’t Piss Me Off. It is an acronym for slang which makes dispersing it a little challenging.

  • On K-pop Twitter, you may come across this slang when someone is expressing their seriousness, or maybe shock and confusion over something silly- “IJBOL means I Just Burst Out Laughing??? DPMO.” Alternatively, it may mean a warning before the beginning of a Twitter war, context is the key for this one.


This is another returning acronym (or maybe it never left?) of popular slang. IDGAF stands for I Don’t Give A F**k. If it isn’t familiar to you from the 2010 Twitter, then you may have come across it on music streaming platforms, as it is also a Dua Lipa song. The slang also appears in the lyrics of BTS ON where SUGA sings ‘I don’t give an ugh!

  • The K-pop community also uses slang with the same meaning of not caring a bit about a certain thing. Additionally, It is used to describe an attitude of indifference either as a compliment or a criticism based on the context.

The IJBOL, DPMO, and IDGAF chart

Following the popularity of these acronyms, the fans of various K-pop artists also began to categorize the members into these three categories. It is used to describe the vibes a K-pop artist gives off, such as IJBOL is more easygoing. DPMO relates to someone rational and serious, while IDGAF energy is for someone unconcerned or unfazed by various matters.

  • The acronyms are constantly evolving and getting replaced by something new and more expressive. However, each of this IJBOL, DPMO, and IDGAF slang and acronyms possesses the quality of describing a very particular set of characteristics that make them fun to use.

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