K-pop: NewJeans’ ASAP Teaser Breakdown | Twitter Reacts

K-pop: NewJeans' ASAP Teaser Breakdown | Twitter Reacts

The rookie girl group that has made its way into every K-pop fan’s playlist with back-to-back hits released the first teaser of their upcoming comeback. NewJeans unveiled the ‘ASAP’ teaser through their official YouTube channel at midnight of June 26, KST, and even before crossing the 24-hour mark, they garnered 225K likes and over 1.5 million views.

The leading 4th-generation girl group’s managing label initially teased new music in May 2023. Following this, they announced two pre-release tracks for July 7, entitled New Jeans and Super Shy. While yesterday they finally raised the curtain over another mysterious B-side, titled ‘ASAP,’ which features an all-blond concept.

According to the HYBE Labels’ ADOR, the song will include cute and bouncy lyrics with a Euro-pop sound. ASAP, as the album’s outro, wish to deliver a lingering feeling that would make listeners repeat the album. Moreover, the song will incorporate Bunnies (NewJeans’ fandom name). Let’s take a closer look.

NewJeans ‘ASAP’ teaser breakdown

The ‘ASAP’ teaser begins with a sudden glimpse of a fairy in a jungle and a mysterious person with two antennae on its head running towards the clearing through a green backlight. The video soon brightens up with the appearance of the NewJeans members, Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein.

This time around, all of the members are dressed in white with feathers and floral accessories. They are also donning the same hairstyle with straight long blond hair and bangs stylized with hairbands that provide them floral elf ears. This styling gives the group a new hyper pop-pixie concept following the high teen retro concept of Hype Boy, OMG, and Ditto.

The teaser progresses with the members swimming in a translucent pond with flowers, swinging between the fairyland, and playing ‘cat’s cradle’ (like in the Ditto MV) with shimmery white thread. However, the dark and green elements continue to make an appearance in between, adding a mysterious edge to the teaser.

The teaser reverts to end as the screen blacks out, featuring only the title ASAP and Haerin’s dreamy vocals singing ‘A-S-A-P Baby / Hurry Up Don’t Be Lazy.’ It is an understatement to say that the concept change and teaser have flared anticipation among NewJeans’ fans.

Netizens positively react to the new fairy-pixie concept

NewJeans goes all blond for ASAP
NewJeans dancing in a meadow (Screengrab courtesy of ADOR via HYBE’s official YouTube channel)

Fans and netizens alike gave positive reactions to the all-blond idea and expressed their anticipation for the fairyland pixie storyline. Netizens also applauded the members’ visuals in the soft and shimmery makeup and gems.

Many Korean netizens further shared that the teaser music reminds them of second-generation girl group f(x), particularly from their Pink Tape era, which included Art-pop and Synth-pop sounds. Meanwhile, fans are positive that the song will join the massive hits of the group.

The 4th gen girl group‘s massive hit Ditto attained platinum status from the Recording Industry Association of Japan after it crossed 100 million streams since its release in May. This achievement and the mystical teaser raise anticipation for the upcoming album.

NewJeans’ tracks, New Jeans and Super Shy, will be pre-released on July 7 ahead of their comeback EP Get Up, which drops on July 21.

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