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K-pop’s 4th generation continues to strive and bring new music here and there to fans. For the fans of the newest generation, specifically, those who debuted around 2018 to 2019, how are you feeling right now? You wouldn’t believe it when we say that it’s about 4 to 5 years already. Including in the 2019 list of K-pop debuts, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, popularly known as TXT, recently came back with their fifth EP, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION. With nearly 4 years in the industry, who’s the TXT member with the most fans, shall we look into it then?

TXT member with the most fans

We know, this ranking may be disheartening to see, but hey, let’s use this to give more appreciation to the members equally. K-pop groups have this inevitable “member with more fans” than others, maybe it’s time to change things up. Here’s the ranked list of the TXT members, and let’s have the members tied to one soon, okay?

Third: Huening Kai and Taehyun

The maknae line — Huening Kai and Taehyun start off this list. It isn’t easy to rank them so we just decided to give them both the third.

Huening Kai

Clearly does not deserve to have the least fans in the fandom, because who wouldn’t love this cute and fierce boy? The duality of Huening Kai is definitely a stand-out!

TXT member with most fans, huening kai
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
  • His voice and dance skills should be enough to give him a higher rank on this list. Not to mention, his visual and [rare] aegyo (cuteness)? You better watch out for that!
Kang Taehyun

We got this ranked list on online forums like Quora, and of course, with a hint of what we think too. Kang Taehyun deserves more praise for his expressive eyes.

TXT members, taehyun
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  • He’s the most athletic among the members, and shows a lot of emotions when singing too! Well, when it comes to wits, he’s probably the “brain cell” of TXT.

Second: Beomgyu

Even if Huening Kai is the maknae, Choi Beomgyu gives unlimited aegyo to his members and MOAs. Honestly, Beomgyu and Taehyun look alike… or it’s just us? Anyway, Beomgyu happens to be the third oldest in the group.

TXT members most fans, beomgyu
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  • We need more Bamgyu lines on their songs, that’s a fact. He somehow looks like an anime brought to life though, anyway, the visual of this boy is just top-tier. We know MOAs would agree with that!

First: Soobin and Yeonjun

This is quite a hard decision to make, so we have them tied here at first. Let’s talk about Soobin first. What probably affected his popularity is he’s the leader of the group.

Choi Soobin

Who wouldn’t love Soobin? The 2000-born leader of TXT has this cute smile whenever he does, but is actually deadly when on stage. Also, his height definitely is attractive, he may look hmm, small in his selfies, but Soobin’s a 6-footer.

Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
  • The bunny leader of TXT and MOAs, Choi Soobin has this charming personality that would have you fall for them. Aside from being the leader, of course, he sings and dances really well too! Oh, Soobin MC-ed with OH MY GIRL’s Arin a few years back which may have been a factor to garner more fans.
Choi Yeonjun

Let’s talk about the 4th generation’s ‘IT boy’ — Choi Yeonjun. The only TXT member as of this moment to have an Instagram account would be this guy right here. Yeonjun happens to be the oldest member, followed by Soobin, respectively.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest
  • He danced as a backup for several MVs and stages and trained under CUBE Entertainment before. His stage presence is truly out of this world, and Yeonjun knows how to capture their audience (and MOAs, for sure!)

Here’s the ranked list of TXT members with the most fans! Since its debut, TOMORROW X TOGETHER has had no official positions in the group. Certainly, this speaks for itself that the members have what it takes to be dancers, singers, rappers, and whatever they need to be on their new releases.

MOAs, let us know your TXT bias or biases below, we’d love to hear that. Also, let’s normalize appreciating and loving all members equally in all K-pop groups!

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SOURCES: Pinterest, Quora, @TXT_bighit on Twitter

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