K-pop: What are Sasaengs? Scariest encounters of BTS members | Ranked

It is pretty well known that the celebrity life of K-pop idols is not easy. They go through vigorous training, tight schedules, and often a repeat of concert-hotel and vice versa during their world tours. All of this work requires mental and physical strength and motivation from fans’ love. However, some people take their appreciation for the idols to a concerning level, causing harm. Let’s find out more about the Sasaengs and the scariest encounters of BTS members with them.

What are Sasaengs?

The sasaengs are a minor section of fans of K-pop idols that will go to lengths to meet their favorite member. The sasaengs often buy private information such as plane schedules, home addresses, phone numbers, family addresses, etc. Following this, they visit, call, text, or follow the member in hopes of finding more significance in the lives of the idol.

  • The fans and the artists often criticize these attempts while the managing agencies file lawsuits and sometimes get a restraining order to protect their artists. Despite that, these sasaengs continue their attempts and, at times, get captured on camera, providing a glimpse of the scary side of fame.
  • BTS have also become victims of such stalkers, and they have tried to convey their displeasure for such measures strongly yet politely. Recently, Jungkook also addressed this behavior in a Weverse Live, asking the fans to refrain from visiting his gym and sending food to him. Let’s briefly check out some of BTS’ scariest sasaengs’ experiences.

Top 3 Scariest encounters of BTS with Sasaengs

The global K-pop superstars have faced various troubles with the sasaengs over the years. These fans have more than once mobbed the members at the airports and tried to touch or walk alongside them. They also bought the private numbers of the members to call and text them during their livestream in hopes of getting a reaction from them.

  • BIGHIT have also previously released a list of BTS fansites (group of fans that attend artists’ events and share their pictures online) that have broken the rules and projected sasaeng behavior, such as buying private pieces of information or stalking the members.

  • However, some sasaengs went beyond these troubles and intruded on the members to the point that many fans urged BIGHIT MUSIC to take strict legal action. Let’s check out the three scariest encounters of BTS with Sasaengs.

3) Flying with BTS

The obsessive fans once took the following members to the airport to the next level and secured seats on the same flight as BTS. One of the sasaengs released the flight details, and soon, a mob of fans got on the same plane to meet the South Korean singers. BTS has also had to cancel their flights on another occasion for their safety as the sasaeng leaked their flight details.

2) Forcing a kiss

The obsessive fans sometimes will overstep their boundaries to live one second of their fantasies. One such incident occurred when a sasaeng tried to kiss SUGA forcefully. The fan rushed towards him at the airport and tried to force herself onto him. The security quickly interfered and pushed the fan back. However, this unwelcomed and non-consensual touch raised concerns for the artists’ travel safety.

1) Intruding their hotel room

One of the videos that raised the fears and worries among ARMYs showcased the lengths sasaengs can go to just to meet their favorite idols. During a VLive livestream, the fans noticed someone peaking in BTS’ hotel rooms while on a concert tour. At first, the fans thought it might be one of the staff, but later, they found some people posting images of securing a room next to the members.

These are some of the incidents that are caught on camera. However, there must be plenty more that we don’t know about. Hopefully, with the industry’s growth, the agencies will further strengthen their security and take strict actions against the Sasaengs.

What is the scariest Sasaeng encounter you remember, and what actions would you suggest to stop such incidents from repeating? Share with us in the comments below. For more content, stay with us here at Spiel Times. Make sure you subscribe to our push notifications and never miss an update. You can also follow us on Spiel AnimeTwitterInstagram, and YouTube. Until next time!