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Brave Girls are making a comeback as BB Girls

The girls that rose to fame after making the militia and audiences go ‘Rollin’, Rollin, Rollin” reveals new logo and concept photos for their upcoming comeback. The K-pop girl group that is trending under their new name BB Girls, is none other than the phenomenal Brave Girls. The four-member group consisting of Minyoung, Youjoung, Eunji, and Yuna unexpectedly went viral in 2021 and began the second inning of their career.

Following their parting with the former agency Brave Entertainment, the girls announced that they would change their group’s name to BB Girls. The girls are now signed under Warner Music Korea and will make their first comeback under the new name in August. On July 10, the girls opened their social media accounts and unveiled their logo and concept photos for the upcoming comeback. Let’s check them out.

Reactions to Brave Girls’ Rebranding and August Comeback

July 10 marked the first reveal of BB Girls, who rose to fame after their song Rollin (2017) unexpectedly went viral in 2021, and the girls released a special version of their song High Heels. The remaining four members of Brave Girls also had a comeback with the release of two extended plays, Summer Queen and Thank You, before releasing a farewell track named Goodbye in early 2023.

  • Despite that, the August comeback, under their new name BB Girls, is the beginning of a new act for the K-pop girl group. Their concept photos refresh a third-generation K-pop look while promising a mature atmosphere. The four singers exude confidence and strong presence through their profiles. Fans appreciated and expressed their excitement in the comments on their Twitter.

This will be a welcome change among the popular comebacks of fourth-generation idol groups with some of the youngest members. In the concept photos, leader Minyoung portrays an alluring look, while Youjoung shows her take on a sporty look. Eunji’s picture focuses more on her attractive features, and the group’s youngest member Yuna appears in a chic look.

It will be interesting to see how BB Girls showcase their charms through the August comeback under renewed identity. The girl group has also revealed their official social networking profiles on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. Fans will also have to wait to see if they join Meta Threads. It seems rather likely as maknae Yuna has already entered the Twitter competitor.

More about BB Girls

The BB Girls includes four members Minyoung, Youjoung, Eunji, and Yuna. All four members joined Brave Girls in 2015 and attained fame with their track Rollin. Let’s find out more about them before their upcoming August comeback.

1. Minyoung

Kim Min Young is the leader, main vocalist, and lead dancer of BB Girls. She was born on September 12, 1990, in Incheon, South Korea, and attended Hanyang University Dance Arts.

She specialized in ballet and acting and formed a band called HavyT with two male university friends. Together, they released two songs, The Virus (OST for The Virus) and Know That. Later, Minyoung joined Brave Entertainment at the age of 21 and debuted as a Brave Girls member in 2015.

2. Youjoung

Nam Yu Jeong is the vocalist of BB Girls. She was born on May 2, 1991, in Suwon, South Korea, and attended Sungshin Women’s University.

She also studied in Hong Kong, which made her pick up English and Cantonese language. Youjoung has been a hardcore fan of Rain and followed the steps of a friend who became an idol trainee. She joined Brave Entertainment in 2013 and also debuted in 2015.

3. Eunji

Hong Eun Ji is the main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and center of BB Girls. She was born on July 19, 1992, in Yeosu, South Korea, and attended Myongji University Film and Musical.

Previously, she partook in the KBS survival show The Unit and gained rank 48. She was also featured in 2NE1’s Park Bom’s Spring. Eunji started dancing as a hobby in elementary school and was also a member of the dancing club throughout her education, leading to her debut in Brave Girls.

4. Yuna

Lee Yu Na is the lead vocalist, lead dancer, rapper, and maknae of BB Girls. She was born on April 6, 1993, in Jeju, South Korea.

She always wanted to follow an artistic career and become Miss Korea, a painter or a singer. Due to this, she became part of a rock band in high school before applying for aviation school. She later applied to various companies and eventually debuted with Brave Girls. Yuna also joined the KBS survival show The Unit but couldn’t pass the audition.

BB Girls will have their debut comeback in August. We are excited to have their music back in the K-pop industry!

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