K-pop: Who are the ’97-liners? Meet BTS Jungkook’s friend group

K-pop: Who are the '97-liners? Meet BTS Jungkook's friend group

Although the age system of South Korea might no longer be in use, the friendships formed on the way remain as strong as ever. In somewhat conservative Korean society, age has a good deal of influence on everyday life. It not only determines the correct speech and order of respect but it also, at times, forms friendships among people. A good example is the 97-liners group, including BTS Jungkook, NCT Jaehyun, Astro’s Cha Eun Woo, and more. Let’s find out about them!

Who are the 97-Liners?

Friendship squads formed due to the similarity in age is nothing new in the K-pop industry. As per the general belief, due to the similar age, they can easily share their experiences and ambitions and overall have similar years of industry experience.

  • As they can also talk more casually with each other and drop the formal speech, many K-pop idols form a bond with others born in the same year as them. However, among the many groups, there’s this 97-liners that is particularly famous among K-pop fans.
  • The 97-liners group, which is similar to Kim Taehyung‘s Wooga Squad, is a friendship group of some of the hottest K-pop idols born in the year 1997. The group includes BTS Jungkook, SEVENTEEN Mingyu, DK, and The8, GOT7’s BamBam and Yugyeom, ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo, and NCT’s Jaehyun.

How was BTS Jungkook’s friend group formed?

There isn’t an exact answer to how the group was formed, but according to popular belief, it began with the friendship of BTS Jungkook with Yugyeom. Despite Jungkook’s shyness during his debut, he formed a comfortable bond with the GOT7 member. They are both born in the same year and are the youngest members of their respective groups, giving them a base to strike up their conversations.

  • Slowly, this group turned bigger as more K-pop idols joined and formed a Kakao chatroom. Fans didn’t know much about the group until GOT7 Bambam uploaded a selfie with the members of the group in 2016 from backstage at the KBS Song Festival with the caption ’97-liners.’
  • The Seven singer later confirmed the members in 2017’s Bangtan Bomb. He shared that he was interacting with the 97-liner friends but didn’t reveal the chatroom’s name as it could be inappropriate. However, Cha Eun Woo wasn’t part of the group then.

Why is 97-Liners one of the most famous groups in K-pop?

The 97-liners include some of the most talented and good-looking K-pop idols famous for the youthful yet hot scenery of the members. Due to this group, many fans joke that God must have felt generous in 1997. 


  • Moreover, the fans don’t often get to see all the members of the group together because of their busy schedules and preference for privacy. Recently, Yugyeom briefly talked about his friendship in an interview while Jungkook, Mingyu, and Cha Eun Woo were spotted on a dinner date in Busan.
  • Every time fans see a glimpse of their bond that has lasted so many years, they feel genuinely happy for them. Following the recent updates, the fans are urging for an In The Soop spinoff with the 97-liners. If their wishes come true, it will undoubtedly be one of the most famous variety shows.

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