K-pop: Who is RIIZE? SM Entertainment reveals Debut Plans

SM Entertainment reveals debut plans for RIIZE

One of the most prominent K-pop agencies, SM Entertainment, has debuted some of the biggest K-pop boy groups in each generation including TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, EXO, NCT, and more all set to write its name on another leaf of K-pop history with the debut of a new boy group RIIZE.

According to the press release from the entertainment label to Korean media outlets, including Dailyan, RIIZE will debut very soon, and fans may anticipate to start getting the first introductions next month. The group will have a youthful and ambitious theme that will resonate with the group’s concept. Let’s find out more about SM Entertainment’s upcoming boy group.

Who is RIIZE?

RIIZE is a K-pop boy group under the management of K-pop agency SM Entertainment. The group will consist of the classic formation of seven members, including the lead vocal, rapper, lead dancer, and others. As per the previous announcement of SM Entertainment, the group will include NCT Shotaro and Sungchan. The group will also have SM Rookies Seunghan, Eunseok, producer Yoon Sang’s son, Lee Chanyoung, and another two members.

  • If the group name interests you enough, SM shares that RIIZE stands for ‘rise’ and ‘realize.‘ The seven-member boy group will aim to grow in the industry and the hearts of their fans with their talents. They will also seek to realize their dreams and create a future that suits them together. The theme is incredibly relatable to youth beginning their journey to fulfill their dreams.

SM Entertainment’s introduction to RIIZE: What to expect

The agency also shared a few words to introduce the group before its official debut. The short description promises a worthwhile group and raises anticipation about their debut album and music. Read their statement below:

  • “RIIZE will consist of seven members, each possessing great talents in terms of skills as well as visuals,” SM Entertainment announces. The agency also claims that it will add a new chapter in the history of the Korean music industry. They plan to achieve this milestone with the ‘real-time odyssey’ of members. The group also aims to showcase their individuality and strengths that they will combine to form one team.
  • Fans may expect some soulful melodies falling under the emotional pop genre. These songs will be created with the inspiration that the members gather from daily experiences in life. This promises a personal touch to their music and raises curiosity to know if the members will also participate in the production and composition of their albums.

RIIZE debut date: The group’s upcoming schedule


SM Entertainment’s promising boy group RIIZE will debut in September 2023. But to spice things up early, the agency will launch its official Instagram account tomorrow, August 1, 2023, at midnight KST / 11 AM EDT. NCT fans anticipate seeing former members Shotaro and Sungchan under the spotlight again while also meeting all the new debuting members.

  • The detectives among the fans anticipating the debut of RIIZE also discovered their official social media accounts on YouTube, Twitter (or X), and Instagram under the username ‘@RIIZE_official as well as the trademark of ‘Rise & Realize’ under the public copyright database.
  • It is undebatable that netizens eagerly await the unveiling of SM Entertainment’s boy group RIIZE and its seven members. You may want to wait for the start of the social media presence of RIIZE during their Instagram launch tomorrow.

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