K-pop: Will CLC Return As A Whole Group?

K-pop: Will CLC Return As A Whole Group?

In a world of third-generation female K-pop groups, CUBE Entertainment’s CLC has been one of the underrated ones. Debuted in 2015, the members Seunghee, Seungyeon, Yujin, Sorn, Elkie, Yeeun, and Eunbin have been slaying the girl crush and women empowerment with their tracks. But is there a chance for CLC to come back as a whole group?

Did CLC disband? The Girl Group Members at Present Time

Things have changed in 2020 after the release and promotion of their single track, HELICOPTER. The members slowly started to leave the group and agency. In 2022, CUBE Entertainment officially announced that the group “ended their activities,” which Yujin mentioned when she joined Girls Planet 999.

Early this year, Sorn cleared that the group didn’t disband, and instead, each member is focusing on their solo endeavors. Does this mean there will be more from them in the near future?

  • Honestly, I’m not closing any doors, and I hope they will surprise the fans and come back as a whole group. It isn’t impossible at this point, though.
  • Seunghee continues flexing her vocal prowess in musical plays. Seungyeon and Sorn work under the same agency. They recently worked together on Sorn’s music while Seungyeon made the dance.
  • Elkie just released her solo track, SPEED UP, with Seungyeon’s help with the choreo, while Eunbin still works in front of the camera but as an actress. Yujin is still in contract for Kep1er, while Yeeun recently joined Mnet’s project girl group, EL7Z UP.

Can CLC come back as a whole group?

It would be a matter of compromise from all their companies for this comeback to happen, though. Three are left in CUBE, Seungyeon and Sorn in WILD Entertainment, Elkie’s currently based in Mainland China, and Yeeun in Superbell Company; it’s interesting to know how the girls would find a way to release new music as the seven-member girl group again.

I’m thinking about the possibilities that could happen for CLC, but I’m leaning toward seeing the group coming back years from now, still as a seven-member girl group. Everyone has always shown their heart and passion for their group, and I feel that each member would be willing to return to the idol stage together and for their fans.

Elkie has cemented her name in Mainland China through various brands and solo music. Sorn and Seungyeon have been steadily releasing music and creating choreographies, respectively. The former has always wished for more group activities, even after she left the agency. Meanwhile, Seunghee is active with her YouTube and musical play career; Eunbin pursues the acting path, while Yujin and Yeeun continue their idol careers through Mnet’s survival shows, Girls Planet 999 and Queendom Puzzle, respectively.

  • Each CLC member has a stable solo career, and I don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t regroup and release new albums in the future. I think if the opportunity is given to them, it would be a no-brainer that CLC will take the chance to be seven again.

Nonetheless, without any formal disbandment, I’m betting that things would improve for CLC and their fans, CHESHIREs. It may not be too soon, but I’m feeling confident that the CLC members are willing to drop a comeback as a group when the right time comes.

No third-gen K-pop fan could ever forget their tracks Hobgoblin, Black Dress, and Me, among others. With the members’ versatility in their discography and exemplary dancing, singing, and rapping skills, who wouldn’t wish for more and to see them together in the future?

What happened to CLC?

It’s also been a thought for the fans on what went down with CLC. Like any other CUBE Entertainment artist’s fans, CHESHIREs have been vocal about the mistreatment the group has received from their agency. The lack of comebacks, promotions, and such has always been a few problems faced by the group and fandom.

K-pop: Did CLC Disband?
Image Courtesy of CUBE Entertainment via CLC’s Instagram (@cube_clc_official)

In 2020, Crystal Clear, popularly known as CLC, dropped their track HELICOPTER as a group with seven members. Unfortunately, it became their last release as seven and as a group. A year later, in February, Elkie officially left CLC and the company, which Sorn followed in November.

In 2022, the CLC members celebrated their 7th anniversary through Instagram Stories and posts that kept the fandom’s hope alive. The members can still be seen interacting using the same platform whenever. The same year, the two Jangs, Seungyeon and Yeeun, left CUBE, leaving Seunghee, Yujin, and Eunbin.

I’m still keeping my hopes up for a group comeback from CLC. K-pop fans since the third generation how the group has been one of the most talented and well-rounded in the industry. It’s such a waste for the K-pop world now to witness the iconic Crystal Clear girls. But as of now, I hope for each member’s success in their solo career. Continue to slay, CLC girls!

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