K-pop: Will Fantagio Disband ASTRO? – Rocky leaves

K-pop Will Fantagio Disband ASTRO - Rocky leaves

ASTRO, the beloved seven-member K-pop group known for their catchy tunes and electrifying performances, has recently faced a heartbreaking turn of events. Fans, known as AROHAs, were devastated to learn that Park Minhyuk, also known as Rocky, has parted ways with both his group and the company that manages them, Fantagio.

This news has sparked fears that ASTRO may disband, a thought that is simply too painful to bear for anyone who has ever been moved by their music. Despite this setback, AROHAs remain hopeful that ASTRO will find a way to continue making magic together, and that their incredible journey is far from over.

Is ASTRO disbanding?

No, we don’t think Fantagio is up to disbanding ASTRO anytime soon. According to Fantagio’s statement, ASTRO would continue as a five-member group. Members Cha Eunwoo, Jinjin, Moonbin, and Sanha, all renewed their contracts with the company last December. As for MJ who is currently rendering his military service, we hope we can hear about his contract when he finishes.

  • The renewed contracts of the remaining ASTRO members are signs that disbandment isn’t an option. We hope we can see more group activities and probably a comeback from the seven-year-old boy group.
  • For the time being, Fantagio states that solo and unit activities would be happening, so that means we’re getting some new music soon. Hopefully, that is enough to confirm that an ASTRO disbandment is out of the sight of the company and the fans too.

Who is Rocky as a member of ASTRO?

As part of ASTRO, Rocky, whose real name is Park Minhyuk, is an all-around idol and a songwriter. Rocky was in charge of being the main dancer, lead rapper, and sub-vocalist of the group. He was known for his impressive dance skills, as well as his charismatic stage presence and rap verses in ASTRO’s songs.

  • Each ASTRO member certainly got the charm, and everyone’s just as talented as the others. As for Rocky, in all years he spent with the group, one of the many things we can never forget about him was his first ‘ending fairy’ shot in the music show, INKIGAYO. He used this opportunity to show his love and gratitude through sign language.

Rocky left ASTRO

Three words that probably left AROHAs in shock and sadness until now. In the statement from Fantagio posted on @ASTRO_Staff’s Twitter account, unexpected news broke out.

  • The statement said that the exclusive contract between the company and Rocky has been concluded, this includes his activities as a member of ASTRO. Fantagio states that they will support Rocky’s future endeavors, after being in the group for the past seven years.

  • And this is what AROHAs probably bawled their eyes out — Rocky’s letter. On the group’s Fancafe, Rocky, or as we should address him by his real name, Park Minhyuk, posted a handwritten letter about the news.
  • Rocky apologized for bearing sad news to the fans. He also confirmed that he’s leaving Fantagio after 14 years, and ASTRO after seven years since their debut. And then, this letter made it final, Rocky leaves ASTRO, with the date written at the end, ‘2023.2.28‘.
Park Minhyuk Rocky leaves Fantagio, ASTRO
Image Courtesy of ASTRO Fancafe via Twitter (@sparkleASTRO)
  • Park Minhyuk also looked back at the time of their promotions and he said would always be precious to him. Rocky sends this heartfelt letter to all AROHAs, and thanks them for their love and support. Also, he shares that he would never forget his members and all the friends he made along the way.

Fans’ speculations on his leaving

In both statements from Fantagio and Rocky, no explanations or reasons were stated. Fans, however, drew speculation about what led Rocky to leave ASTRO. Some said that, probably, it wasn’t Rocky’s decision to leave the group. In an Instagram post on his birthday, he adds a caption, “23/2/25 I still” and a star-related emoji, which fans thought could be a hint at this speculation.

Some AROHAs shared about the company’s lack of efforts in promoting Rocky. This has been going around for quite some time now, and this could be another reason for his leaving. Some issues can be read below, what do you think is the reason for Rocky to leave the group?

  • Recently, Rocky celebrated his birthday, on February 25. For this year, ASTRO posts birthday videos of the members during their trainee days. However, Rocky’s birthday had passed, and still, no sign of any birthday video came. We got Rocky’s photobooth photos, BTW (which are cute!), and that’s what we got for his birthday.

  • Last year, Rocky debuted in the musical theater scene in ‘The Three Musketeers’. Unfortunately, there was no content on their social media accounts about it. Despite the success of his musical theater debut, fans wished it was celebrated by the company.
  • Adding to that, Rocky won several acting awards in 2022 which the staff nor the company recognized. There was no vlog, no content posted about the award shows he attended, and the trophies he won.

AROHAs’ gratitude to Rocky and ASTRO

5 + 1 still sums up to 6, and ASTRO will always be six. AROHAs also sent their gratefulness and love to Rocky after his handwritten letter on ASTRO’s Fancafe. Twitter has been flooded with all the video clips and images of the OT6.

  • The last seven years have been so much wonderful because of all the ASTRO members. And now that a new adventure awaits the group and their fans, let’s take a look back at some ASTRO clips posted by AROHAs.

  • Rocky and his eyes full of love and gratitude for AROHAs would always make the fans teary-eyed. We hope to see more activities and promotions for you, Park Minhyuk! Make more music, dance nonstop, and join musical plays again, pretty sure the rest of your members we’ll be there for you!

More about ASTRO

ASTRO is a South Korean boy group that debuted in 2016 under Fantagio Music. The group consists of six members: MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, and Yoon Sanha. They are known for their bright and upbeat music, as well as their synchronized choreography and youthful energy.

  • The group recently celebrated its anniversary, and they gave us the photo above. The French watch company Chaumet had the members posing for their #storiesofliens advertisement on Instagram. Even though MJ could not join them, Eunwoo tagged him on the mic. OT6 ASTRO forever, no to disbandment!
  • The six-member boy group gained significant popularity outside of South Korea, particularly in Asia and the United States. The positive and charming personalities of the members, both on and off stage, had always received praise. Can we forget ASTRO’s vocal and dance abilities? Definitely not.

How are you feeling when you read that Rocky leaves ASTRO? If you have any questions about Fantagio, ASTRO, or K-pop, you can share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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