K-pop: ZEROBASEONE holds first concert in August | How to Watch

K-pop: ZEROBASEONE holds first concert in August | How to Watch

K-pop monster rookie ZEROBASEONE is reportedly planning to hold their debut concert at Gocheok Dome in the capital of South Korea. The group formed during ‘Boys Planet,’ the sequel of Mnet’s survival show ‘Girls Planet 999,‘ hasn’t even released their first album yet, but they are all set to greet their fans with a dome concert.

Korean news outlet JoongAng Daily reached out to Wake One Entertainment, the management label of K-pop’s popular rookies ZB1, and they confirmed that they are in discussion of finalizing the venue and dates of the concert. However, the agency’s spokesperson refrained from confirming any of the reported details.

“Following ZB1’s debut, we are preparing for an event where they can greet their fans, ZE_ROSE. We will announce the details of the event, location, and dates after finalizing them,” the spokesperson said on Friday.

How to Watch ZEROBASEONE’s debut concert

Although the details aren’t confirmed, the news of ZEROBASEONE’s debut concert is trending among the netizens. According to the reports, the ZB1 debut concert will take place at the Gocheok Sky Dome in August, where they will meet around 25,000 fans. Due to the limited information, we can not confirm yet if the concert will be available for livestreaming online, but it is rather likely, considering their fan following.

The Gocheok Sky Dome is an indoor baseball stadium located in Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The stadium is a well-known location for organizing large-scale K-pop concerts. Reputable artists, including PSY, EXO, BTS, WANNA ONE, and X1, and Western artists such as Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry, have performed their concerts and showcases at the dome.

Fans are speculating that the concert will be scheduled around August 15, the Independence Day of South Korea. One of the Korean fans found the listing of events at Gocheok Dome, and the slot on August 15 is empty. The list does mention that it may organize a cultural event on the day instead of a sport, due to which fans’ expectations rose even more.

ZEROBASEONE is a project group consisting of nine members who won Mnet’s survival audition show, Boys Planet, among 98 participants. Following the win, the nine members Zhang Hao, Sung Han Bin, Seok Matthew, Ricky, Park Gun Wook, Kim Tae Rae, Kim Gyu Vin, Kim Ji Woong, and Han Yu Jin are working under Wake One Entertainment, a subsidiary of CJ ENM.

Netizens express surprise about the upcoming concert

The project group ZB1’s concert reports came even before the release of their debut EP Youth in the Shade. Moreover, as the reported venue is the infamous Gocheok Sky Dome with a capacity of 25,000 people, netizens couldn’t help but comment about the huge fandom the group entertained before their debut.

They also acknowledged the group as the monster rookies of the year and expressed surprise about their fantastic approach. K-pop groups usually hold fan meetings and music showcases after their debut before organizing a concert (let alone a dome concert). The upcoming debut concert of ZB1 highlights the group’s massive popularity among their fans.

Fans of the nine-member K-pop boy group can hardly wait to find out more about the tickets, dates, venue, and other details. Although there isn’t much confirmation from the agency of ZB1, the group is more likely to organize a livestreaming option for the concert. And if you’re one of the many ZE_ROSE worldwide, pretty sure you’re also awaiting the news about online ticketing.

  • Meanwhile, the project group is set to appear on the entertainment show K-Star Next Door on July 1 and release their debut album on July 10. They will also appear on the music show Amazing Saturday on July 15 before flying to the US to participate in KCON LA on July 19.

Wake One will release their finalized plans in the upcoming month. Until then, we can hardly wait to listen to the ZB1’s debut EP ‘Youth in the Shade,’ which will release on July 10 at 6 PM KST.

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