K-pop: ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin and aespa’s Karina introduced as new SBS Inkigayo MC | Twitter Reacts

SBS Inkigayo cast aespa Karina and ZEROBASEONE Hanbin as MCs

This was not the K-pop’s new-gen crossover that fans were expecting on their bingo cards in 2023, but they couldn’t be more happy. On July 14, 2023, JTBC announced that ZEROBASEONE Hanbin and aespa Karina will replace the MCs of SBS Inkigayo. The former hosts, MONSTA X Hyungwon and actress Kim Ji-eun will continue until July 16 before saying farewell to fans and handing over their responsibilities to the two K-pop idols.

The fans of the duo were happy to hear this news and marked their calendars. The two artists will appear for their first episode together on Sunday, July 23, 2023. However, this pairing of recently debuted ZB1 star Hanbin, and fourth-gen girl group aespa‘s Karina is not unfamiliar.

Even before they were cast as the MCs of SBS Inkigayo, the two were constantly placed together for various reasons. Not only fans agreed that they both resemble each other in looks, but they also believe that the two stars give off the same vibe.

Due to this, the fans became excited about finally seeing Hanbin and Karina share screen space and interact with each other. Additionally, they bond with each other as the MCs of SBS’s infamous music show, Inkigayo.

Fans react to their long-time wish of seeing a ZEROBASEONE Hanbin and aespa’s Karina interaction come true

The comparison of Sung Hanbin with aespa’s Karina traces back to his days on the Mnet’s survival show Boys Planet. Many fans found similarities between the two and interchangeably called them the ‘ZB1’s Karina’ and the ‘aespa’s Hanbin.’

  • Whereas their resemblance of visuals is unarguable, various other factors lead to their popular pairing. Their stage presence, mesmerizing vocals, enchanting visuals, and skillful dancing are some of the top reasons why this fourth-gen pair is a fan favorite.
  • This tuning must have been evident to the producers of SBS Inkigayo as well as they cast Hanbin and Karina for the show’s upcoming run. Following the official announcement, fans prepared their hearts to capture the chemistry and tuning between the artists on the Inkigayo stage.
  • They were also excited about all the interactions they would share with other K-pop groups that appear on the show. Read some of their reactions and excitement for the SBS Inkigayo below:



More about ZEROBASEONE and aespa

ZEROBASEONE recently debuted with their first mini-album, Youth in the Shade, with the leading track, In Bloom, on July 10, 2023. The album attained remarkable success with praise-worthy views and streams and became among the highest-selling debut albums.

SM Entertainment’s aespa, on the other hand, recently released their third EP, My World, on May 8 with the leading title Spicy. The album added to their unique and intriguing discography, garnering their popularity and critical acclaim.

These releases have further encouraged the expectations for the group’s first full-fledged album, which fans have been waiting for a while now. This also makes it another common factor between the two artists of popular K-pop groups.

No wonder the fans can hardly wait to see ZB1 Hanbin and aespa Karina take up their roles as the MC of SBS Inkigayo starting July 23, 2023.

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