Kai Sotto V.S. Chet Holmgren, Player Comparison

Kai Sotto V.S. Chet Holmgren, Player Comparison

Two of the most electrifying young men from opposite corners of the world have now committed to joining the 2022 NBA draft this June 23, 2022Kai Sotto and Chet Holmgren.

One is a premiered basketball from the USA while the other one is a basketball prodigy from the Philippines. Join us, as we find who comes out on top in the Kai Sotto versus Chet Holmgren debate.

Kai Sotto V.S. Chet Holmgren
(Individual Stats)

Kai Sotto

Kai Sotto, Photo Courtesy of Rappler
HEIGHT 7 feet and 3 inches
WEIGHT 225 pounds
AGE 20
COUNTRY Philippines
POTENTIAL DRAFT PICK Late in 2nd round or Undrafted


  • Great rim defender and shot-blocker
  • Impressive scoring ability both inside the paint and beyond the arc
  • Great three-point percentage for a big man
  • A decent low-post scorer
  • A very agile and versatile athlete


  • Needs to add lower body strength and muscle
  • Must create an impact during the off-ball offense
  • He needs to add finesse to his finishing ability
  • His passing needs to be improved
  • Basketball IQ and maturity also need improvement

Professional Career Stats (Adelaide 36ers):

Points Assists Rebounds Steals Blocks FG 3P FG Minutes
7.5 0.5 4.5 0.3 0.8 50% 38% 15 min

Note: The stats shown above are during Kai Sotto’s 23 game stint in the NBL


  • NBL Fans MVP (2022)
  • 2017 SEABA Under-16 Championship Gold Medal
  • 2017 FIBA Under-16 Asian Championship Mythical First Team
  • 2016 UAAP Season 79 Juniors Rookie of the Year
  • 2017 UAAP Season 80 Juniors Mythical Five
  • 2017 UAAP Season 80 Juniors Finals MVP
  • 2018 UAAP Season 81 Juniors MVP
  • 2018 UAAP Season 81 Juniors Mythical Five
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Chet Holmgren

Chet Holmgren, Photo Courtesy of larrybrownsports.com
HEIGHT 7 feet
WEIGHT 195 pounds
AGE 20
COUNTRY United States of America
POSITION Power Forward/Center


  • An extremely skilled big man who can score at will
  • Great footwork and ball-handling skills for a guy his size
  • Elite rim defender and shot-blocker
  • Quick and agile
  • Quick on his feet type of player
  • Can score from outside the arc with high accuracy


  • Has a very thin frame for a power forward/center
  • Needs to add physical strength to be able to cope with other big men in the NBA
  • Does not fully commit to contact
  • Basketball IQ needs to improve
  • For a reliable shooter, he has a very low free throw percentage of only 71%
  • Gets beaten in the perimeter by smaller guys

College Basketball Stats (Gonzaga University):

Points Assists Rebounds Steals Blocks FG 3P FG Minutes
7.5 14.1 9.9 0.8 3.7 61% 39% 27 min

Note: The stats shown above are during Chet Holmgren’s 32-game stint in the NCAA


  • 2021 Consensus no.1 Player
  • 2021 FIBA Under-19 World Cup Gold Medal and MVP
  • 2022 NCAA West Coast Conference Defensive Player of the Year
  • 2022 NCAA Newcomer of the Year
  • Highschool Gatorade National Player of the Year (2021)
  • Naismith Prep Player of the Year (2021)
  • Morgan Wooten National Player of the Year (2021)
  • McDonald’s All-American (2021)
  • Minnesota Mr. Basketball (2021)
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Kai Sotto V.S. Chet Holmgren (Player Comparison)

Although both Kai Sotto and Chet Holmgren pose a similar physique and style of play, one could say that statistically, Holmgren is already better than Sotto. The stats, accolades, and level of skill that Holmgren has already speak for it.

But, during Kai Sotto’s pro-ball career in NBL, he only played limited minutes. Even though he was only utilized for about 15 minutes a game by the Adelaide 36ers, he is already showing great promise. In line with that, he is showing impeccable shooting and elite defensive capabilities.

To add, Holmgren is a lock for the top three picks in the 2022 NBA draft. Meanwhile, Kai Sotto could get picked by an NBA team late in the 2nd round, or not. But then again, the type of player Kai Sotto is what teams today are looking for.

A quick big man who can score in the paint as well as in the perimeter and is also an asset in defense. More so, the “traditional” big man is already extinct in today’s league, that’s why Kai Sotto has a very high chance of getting drafted this year.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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