Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min’s 30 Days movie: Release Date, Plot + Where to Watch

Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min's 30 Days release date announced

2023 will get a dose of feel-good silly romantic comedy with the release of the Korean movie 30 Days. The film will star When The Camellia Blooms’ Kang Ha Neul alongside Alchemy of Souls’ Jung So Min. This will mark their second team-up after the successful Lee Byeong-Hun movie Twenty. Let’s dive into its first set of teasers, synopsis, and more.

Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min reunite as a married couple in 30 Days

On August 24, Mindmark Movie unveiled the poster and teaser of their upcoming movie, 30 Days. The film stars Kang Ha Neul, famous for his expertise in capturing nuanced expressions and taking on diverse roles alongside the sparrow-faced Jung So Min, with immaculate comic timing.

  • In the film, both the stars play a young married couple. They meet, kiss, fall in love, fight, cry, and get fed up with each other. Right where the romantic movie ends, the story of Jeong Yeol and Nara begins. They both are on a single track bound with mutual hatred when a serendipitous accident wipes clean their memory slate.
  • The about-to-divorce couple will now have to retrace their relationship and rediscover themselves, which is nothing less than an emotional suspense-thriller. Will they recover their memories, mend their broken ties, or decide to separate? Fans will be able to find the answers to those questions in 30 Days.

Teaser breakdown of 30 Days

This love story begins when Jeong Yeol (Kang Ha Neul) meets Nara (Jung So Min) under an umbrella and shares a romantic kiss. This picture-perfect scene that is a staple of romantic movies, something that one believes only happens in the cinematic universe, gets an abrupt genre change.

  • Jeong Yeol shares that his romantic movie has turned into a thriller. The audience can see glimpses of fights and shouts as the passionately lazy Jeong Yeol starts living with the brilliant but short-tempered Nara.
  • Following their meet-cute marriage, their unbalanced personalities keep clashing with each other. They further become more and more childish and brazen. To find an end to these loud yet comic fights, they decide to get a divorce, but their luck has other plans as they both get hit by a truck and lose their memories.
  • The date of their divorce trial is after a month, and during these 30 Days, they must rediscover their identity, love, and hate. The film also stars Hwang Se In (Duty After School) and Kim Sun Young (Reply 1988) to add to the chaos.

Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min’s 30 Days: Release Date and Where to Watch

This chaotic romantic comedy directed by Nam Dae-jung (Hommer Fatale) and produced by Woollim Films (Student A) will get its theatrical release on October 3, 2023. There isn’t any current information on its OTT release, but fans hope for a Netflix release

  • If the production decides to release it on streaming networks, it will probably be released sometime in late November or early December. The films are usually available to stream after 4-5 weeks of theatrical run. We will surely update the article if there are any more updates about the movie in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned with us.

The Korean movie 30 Days, starring Kang Ha Neul and Jung So Min, will be released on October 3, 2023.

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