Kazutaka Kodaka Talks “Gamble” On His Next Game’s Rights

Kazutaka Kodaka Talks Gamble On His Next Game's Rights

Danganronpa creator, Kazutaka Kodaka shared a tweet, mentioning his involvement in his previous games and that he wants to create a game he actually owns the rights to. Although it would be a “gamble” to cover the production costs for his new game, he’s willing to work on such a production.

Kodaka writes, “I don’t own any of the rights, such as original rights or copyright, to any of the games I’ve made so far. You work and get paid during the contract period, and when the contract ends, that’s it. Well, the pride and love that went into making them remains, and I’m happy to be able to make the games I love. However, I would like to make at least one game for which I have [the] proper rights. Although it would require a gamble to cover the production costs, I would like to make at least one game for which we have proper rights as a culmination of our work.”

The original tweet is in Japanese, found here, translated here with Google Translate.

One of his fans has suggested the Kickstarter route, just like Platinum Games did for their release “The Wonderful 101”.

Kazutaka Kodaka has worked on multiple successes such as Danganronpa, Death Come True, and Masters Detective Archives: Rain Code. He is currently the CEO of Too Kyo Games based in Tokyo, Japan. Alongside him are Masafumi Takada and Rui Komatsuzaki, the composer and character designer of Danganronpa respectively, and Kotaro Uchikoshi, the director and scenario writer for Zero Escape.

As a team, they have released three video games named Death Come True, World’s End Club, and Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, with another one in the development pipeline called Tribe Nine. Too Kyo Games have co-produced two anime series called Akudama Drive and Tribe Nine.

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