KCON 2022 LA highlights: NCT DREAM, Stray Kids, and more!

After 2 years, the biggest K-Pop festival in America is finally back in face-to-face concert. KCON took place in the Los Angeles Convention Center and Crypto.com Arena. Which also began on August 19 until today, August 22. The event has been filled with a lot of festivities as it is also their 10th anniversary.

The festivities for KCON kicked off on August 19, Friday when there was a convention and introduction of KCON Rookies. At the convention, there were giveaways, a viewing party, and other fun activities. Then later that night, KCON Rookie groups were introduced which are Cravity, LIGHTSUM, STAYC, and TO1.

Then for the next two days of the event, both August 20 and 21. There was also a convention in the morning until the evening before the red carpet begins. After the red carpet, the concert is next filled with great lineups per night.

Image Courtesy of KCON USA

Along with the current big K-Pop groups such as NCT DREAM, Stray Kids, ITZY, Enhypen, and more. They made the festival more ecstatic with their amazing performances. So we are going to show you the highlights made in the 2-night concerts at KCON.

Looking into the highlights of KCON 2022 LA

DAY 1 Concert 
  • The lineup for this night are ATEEZ, Cravity, Enhypen, INI, ITZY, Kep1er, LIGHTSUM, and Stray Kids. Moreover, the special MC was led by Bangchan from Stray Kids who is also the leader. He even gave roses to the fans at the venue.
  • ATEEZ was the one who opened the night with their great performances. They performed a total of 8 songs including “Poppia” which is the signature song of KCON.
  • Kep1er performed their debut song “WA DA DA” and made a surprise performance cover. They performed “La Vie En Rose” of IZ*ONE which made a lot of fans emotional.

  • The KCON rookie girl group, LIGHSTUM also made a surprise cover performance. They performed Tomboy by (G)IDLE. In addition, both groups are from Cube Entertainment.

  • A history was also made by INI. They are the first-ever Japanese boy group to perform at KCON. The KCON rookie boy group CRAVITY also performed their hit songs “Adrenaline” and “My Turn” for the first time at the festival too.
  • ITZY performed their latest song “Sneakers”. They also made short dance covers of “Solo” by Jennie from BLACKPINK and “Fire” by BTS. Moreover, Bebe Rexha also made a surprise guest appearance. She performed “Break my heart myself” with Yeji and Ryujin which became trending worldwide.

  • ENHYPEN made their first performance in the U.S. ahead of their upcoming tour. The group performed “Future Perfect”, “FEVER”, and “Polaroid Love”. However, their fellow member Sunoo wasn’t there with them as he is taking a break for his health.

  • The last performer of Day 1 was Stray Kids. They ended the first concert with a bang in their performance. Their setlist was “Maniac”, “Back Door”, “Thunderous”, and “God’s Menu”.

Day 2 Concert
  • The performers for the final night are LOONA, NCT DREAM, NMIXX, P1Harmony, STAYC, THE BOYZ, TO1, and WJSN. Moreover, the special MCs for this show was led by Jaemin and Jeno from NCT DREAM. The two of them also gave roses to the fans at the venue.
  • The first group to kick off was THE BOYZ with their songs “Maverick”, “Thrill Ride”, “Whisper”, “Break Your Rules”, and “The Stealer”. They are also missing their fellow member Eric who is currently on hiatus due to health issues.
  • There was also a collaboration stage for LOONA‘s Heejin and Hyunjin and NMIXX‘s Sullyoon and Kyujin. They made a performance cover of MAMAMOO’s song “Decalcomanie”.

  • NMIXX also made a performance cover of SEVENTEEN’S “Very Nice”. While the KCON rookie group, TO1 did a cover of PSY and Suga’s “That That”.
  • STAYC performed their hit song “RUN2U” and “Beautiful Monster” as well. Then the winner of the latest Queendom 2, WJSN performed “AURA” and “Last Sequence”.

  • LOONA also performed “Flip That”, “Star”, and “PTT” (Paint The Town). Then P1Harmony performed “Doom Du Doom” as this is also their second time at the KCON.
  • The KCON rookie boy group TO1 performed “Drummin'” and NMIXX performed their debut song “O.O” too.
  • The last performer to close out the successful event of KCON is non-other than NCT DREAM. They performed their hit title track songs “Hot Sauce”, “Hello Future”, “Glitch Mode”, and “Beatbox”. Their fellow group members Mark and Haechan weren’t able to join them due to a conflict of schedules.

A night to remember for everyone

At the end of both concert nights, all artists per night came out together. They were all given time to roam around the stage and greet their fans. Which made the fans happy as they saw them all together on stage and have their interactions.

It was certainly a night to remember for both fans and idols seeing them together at a big festival like KCON. So we hope to see them again soon.

That concludes the highlight of this year’s KCON LA

It had such a great lineup and performances. Many fans were delighted in seeing their favorite groups perform live at a big event like this.

So we now look forward to the next KCON LA next year. We might get another exciting lineup of artists and other surprises soon. All we have to do is wait and savor the amazing performances made this weekend at the festival.

Lastly, make sure to always check their social media accounts. They might post more from the latest event and further updates in the future.

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