September 21st is the day to mark for Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ released on PS4 and PS5. For some time, the game from Ember Lab has been showing up at PlayStation events. Let’s take a look at what the gameplay will entail!

Outside the general concept, Ember Lab hasn’t disclosed much. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is the tale of a girl learning to stand on her own in a fictional world. According to them, Kena’s narrative is about human hardships with attachment, forgiveness, and solace. The matters that are most essential to humans are frequently the most challenging to let go of.


Video games stand out from other forms of recreation because of the engagement between the player and the game. Discovering the stunning surroundings and perfecting your abilities are both essential parts of the game. There are, nevertheless, a plethora of mysteries, collectibles, and plot details to keep an eye on.

  • The game will feature haptic feedback and adaptive trigger support.
  • If you draw back your bowstring, you’ll feel a light tension push against your finger on the trigger.
  • You’ll also feel the haptic feedback from all of Kena’s abilities, from her attacks to her shield.
  • Its animation looks like a creative piece from some modern Dreamworks film, and it is scored by the Balinese ensemble group Gamelan Çudamani.
  • The game won’t be as difficult or challenging on lower levels but will feature high difficulty on the max setting.

“They have a whole thing set up where you can do transition and it’s very nice, but frankly it doesn’t have time to play the animation. It just loads the game so fast,”
– Josh Grier (CEO Ember Lab) via Game Informer

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