Kerry Davis to Speak about Valve’s Upcoming VR Title at Digipen

Valve has been keeping a low profile of late. After Artifact’s drastic failure, Valve had gone into a slumber. While “We’re making games again” might not equate to an official release for Half-Life 3, Valve did mention having a good number of VR titles up its sleeve. It is one of these titles which they intend to reveal at Digipen. Kerry Davis, one of the chief programmers at Valve Corporation, will be making a statement there.

The event note claims that Kerry would be giving a speech on the “his unusual journey into the game industry and his own personal experience at Valve over the years” as well as on the company’s upcoming “flagship” VR title. The use of the term “flagship” notes that it’s a pretty big release from Valve.

It’ll be good to see a big-ticket release for Valve. Artifact was a pretty dismal release, losing more than 80% of its players by the end of the first month after release. Valve needs some respite, and the new “unannounced flagship” titles might prove to be just the break they need.